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BREAKING: Roman Reigns Leukemia Returns, Relinquishes Universal Title

In a shocking opening to tonight's Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns confirmed early reports he had "health issues" and may not be able to...

Monday Night Raw Report: The Dumpster Match

What in the world is a dumpster match and why did Kalisto think it was a good idea to challenge Braun Strowman to one? Better read this to find out.
Wade Barrett

10 Years Later: A Look Back at NXT’s First Breakout Star Wade Barrett

Ten years ago we watched the culmination of the first season of NXT's reality show format. Season's favorite Wade Barrett managed to ride his...

“Walk With Elias”, A Mockumentary, Arriving July 30 (VIDEO)

On Friday, WWE's YouTube channel dropped a video with the full concert of Elias from WrestleMania weekend when he arrived at a bar on...

Monday Night Raw Review: The Raw Before Mania

Mr. Monday Night Raw, Ryan Smith, watched the Raw before Mania. Was it a good one? Did it help sell the biggest wrestling event in the world?

WWE Fastlane Preview: Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg

In the last pay per view before WrestleMania, there's a WWE Universal Championship match forcing Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg in the main event.

WWE Payback Preview: Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe

Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe have some unfinished business, and they're going to settle their bad blood at the Payback pay per view.

WWE Great Balls of Fire Preview: Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt

The show titled... sigh... Great balls of fire, is finally here. This article focuses on the battle between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt.

Monday Night Raw Review: Goldberg Responds

Monday Night Raw Review: Goldberg Responds. The biggest babyface on WCW Monday Nitro returned to Raw to respond to Brock Lesnar's challenge.
Brock Lesnar

Beast in the Middle East: Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal Title Win

On Friday, November 2nd, Brock Lesnar defeated Braun Strowman in a match many would question as to its overall quality. What many may be...