AJ Styles

Raw Highlight Rundown – Monday Night’s Become the New Home of AJ Styles (4/15/19)

The wheel continues to turn out in the WWE as this week the company officially starts fresh following WrestleMania just two weeks ago by...

Coronavirus Forces Major Alterations to WWE Backstage, NXT and Raw

Welcome to the 24-minute, ever-evolving news cycle that we've been subjected to since the coronavirus first wrecked havoc on U.S. shores. Following WWE's announcement...
Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar

SummerSlam Preview: Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar

Seth Rollins will once again face off against Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, in what will likely be the main event of the...

Monday Night Raw Review (9/26/2016)

The Monday Night Raw Review: What was the fallout from Clash of Champions? The U.S. and Tag Team Championships were on the line. Did they change hands?

From The Ashes: In Defense of Beth Phoenix

By now, most internet savvy wrestling fans have seen the list going around with the apparent names of all those being inducted into the...

Coming Soon: A Sweet 16 of the Longest Debut Vignettes

Since Rock N' Wrestling combined in the early 1980's, pro wrestling has used video vignettes to hype up debuting or returning performers, mostly in...
5 Wrestlers Who Can Save 205 Live

Why WWE’s Cruiserweight Division Failed

There have been many excuses made for the failure of WWE's cruiserweight division. However, there's one thing people haven't thought about.
WWE Clash of Champions Predictions

WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions(10/30/16) Ahead of WWE's Monday Night RAW Hell in a Cell PPV, the Last Word On Pro Wrestling team makes...

Impact Wrestling Heads The 3rd Faction In The Great War

“…the pro-wrestling world will be the Era of the Global WWE Coalition vs. Anti-WWE Alliance.”, Takaaki Kidani, President of Bushiroad (Parent Co. of NJPW), December...

WWE: The Myth of the Big Leagues

Everyone refers to the WWE as the big leagues, but that simply isn't accurate. Ryan Smith takes a closer look at the wacky world of pro wrestling.