Monday Night Raw Review: Glasgow, Scotland

Monday Night Raw Review: Glasgow, Scotland. This week, Raw was overseas! Was it good, bad, or ugly? How did it stack up to last week?

Predicting When the Raw Championships Will Change Hands

Even though it's almost a guarantee that he'll be wrong, Ryan Smith attempts to predict the next winners of all the Raw Championships.

The Cruiserweight Revolution: WWE Unveils New Show, ‘205 Live’

With the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic underway in NXT on the WWE Network and the Cruiserweight Division now being showcased (with clear growing...

Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho Shouldn’t Feud

It looks like we might see a brief Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho feud on Monday Night Raw. Here's why that's not a good thing.

Monday Night Raw Review: Halloween Raw

The bro that runs the show, Ryan Smith, was back with yet another Monday Night Raw Review. Was the show spooky good or just scary bad?
WWE Clash of Champions Predictions

WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions(10/30/16) Ahead of WWE's Monday Night RAW Hell in a Cell PPV, the Last Word On Pro Wrestling team makes...

Predicting the 2016 Slammy Awards

A couple of months away, Raw writer Ryan Smith makes his predictions for the 2016 Slammy award winners including superstar of the year.

Monday Night Raw Review (October)

Ryan Smith gives his Monday Night Raw Review for the entire month of October. Who was great, who wasn't, and what segment stole the show?

Monday Night Raw Review (10/24/16)

The "bro that runs the show", Ryan Smith is back with another episode of his weekly Monday Night Raw Review. Was Raw good this week?

The Long Hard Road for the Raw Cruiserweight Division

It's becoming the elephant in the room on Monday nights. That glaring awkward thing that everyone can see, but only a few are acknowledging...