Preview: Gatoh Move ChocoPro #36 (7/28/20) Season Two Finale

ChocoPro Season Two Finale

One month ago, Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling kicked off season two of ChocoPro. Time certainly flies, as the group behind the purple-and-yellow promotion proved. From the continued trials of Yuna Mizumori to the formation of new teams and beyond, this second season has been nothing short of action-packed. On this upcoming episode, the season in question will end on a high note. A stacked card awaits and here is what viewers should know going into this episode.

Tokiko Kirihara vs. Baliyan Akki

Last time on ChocoPro, Baliyan Akki defeated Mitsuru Konno in a competitive submission match. Though “The Beer Badass” gave it her all, it was Akki that claimed the victory. Following the traditional janken tournament, which was ironically won by Konno, Gatoh Move founder and owner Emi Sakura made an announcement. She said that Akki, the self-proclaimed “Ace of ChocoPro,” would be working double duty in the season two finale. In other words, Akki would wrestle twice.

One of the matches he will take part in will be against “Super Rookie” Tokiko Kirihara. Her recent matches have not gone exactly her way, as she fell to the likes of Sakura and Mei Suruga. Each loss proved infuriating, as she attacked anyone in her path post-match. Kirihara will have yet another sizable challenge in the form of Akki. Will this be another loss for the former kickboxer of Gatoh Move or will she finally break her losing streak at the expense of Akki?

Mitsuru Konno and Yuna Mizumori vs. Best Bros. (Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki)

The second match that Akki will take part in will allow him to lean more on his partner. Akki and Suruga’s team as Best Bros. has proven to be a recipe for success in season two. They faced numerous teams in Gatoh Move and, for the most part, came out victorious. Their combination of wrestling acumen and charisma has made them incredibly popular throughout ChocoPro, but will they be able to cap off season two on a high note? Their challengers won’t make this easy.

On episode thirty-four of ChocoPro, Konno and Mizumori faced off in what many viewers considered one of the best matches of season two. Following the match, not to mention a heartfelt monologue by “The Pineapple Girl,” they embraced. Two episodes later, they will be fighting side by side against Best Bros. They will have to be on the same page, utilizing a mix of Yunamon’s power and “Otsuru-san’s” submission offense to pick up the victory. This will be a ChocoPro tag team contest not to miss.

Lulu Pencil and Emi Sakura (ChocoPro Main Event)

Will season two of ChocoPro be the stage where Pencil Army explodes? While this won’t necessarily be a pro wrestling explosion on the same level of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan – it will be more like a test for the freelance writer in pink overalls – it should prove to be an interesting showdown. Between the continued back problems of Sakura and the struggles of the courageous Lulu Pencil, expect the conclusion of season two to be anything but standard.

It was on episode twenty-nine of ChocoPro that Sakura aligned herself with Lulu Pencil, declaring her allegiance to Pencil Army in the process. However, Sakura wasn’t at full strength. Not only were her back issues common knowledge to Gatoh Move fans but her previous encounter with Mizumori weakened her further. From there, she fought with only a fraction of her usual ability. As a result, Pencil Army found themselves on the losing end of tag team matches. Nonetheless, even when Lulu Pencil appeared defeated, Sakura helped to keep the spirit of Pencil Army alive.

To say that this upcoming main event will be a test for Lulu Pencil would be an understatement. Since her official Gatoh Move debut last year, she has yet to win a singles match. She has become popular in quick fashion, as evidenced by her fans referring to themselves as Pencil Army members as well, but popularity alone won’t lead her to victory. Can Lulu Pencil finally break her losing streak by picking up a huge victory over her Pencil Army partner and mentor? Watch the season two finale of ChocoPro to find out!

ChocoPro #36 will air on July 28th at 8 PM JST (7 AM EST and 9 PM CST.)

It will air live on the Gatoh Move YouTube channel for free before being available for on-demand viewing afterward. To support the company, you can sign up for their Patreon, which features multiple tiers, or their own on-demand streaming service linked below.

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