Itsuki Hoshino Retires

Itsuki Hoshino
Photo: Stardom

Stardom rookie Itsuki Hoshino has unfortunately had to retire due to her “physical ailments”.  This marks the fourth retirement of the year for Stardom and is one that has denied us the opportunity to see Hoshino’s talents grow.

Itsuki Hoshino had debuted for Stardom in November 2019, she would often team with her fellow former idol Saya Kamitani and the two had been set up as potential rivals after Kamitani decided against joining STARS like Hoshino had done.

Hoshino had been involved in the Stardom Idols project before coming over to regular Stardom meaning she was trained in some part by Tam Nakano.  Hoshino’s final proper match will be the retirement match of Leo Onozaki as her actual final match was a dark match at the Cinderella Tournament.

There isn’t much to say about the short career of Hoshino and that’s probably the saddest part.  There was something about Hoshino she was this timid and shy girl surrounded by characters like Saya Kamitani but in a similar way to Mayu Iwatani it made her endearing.  Unfortunately, we will likely never know what Hoshino could have blossomed into as her career has been cut short, but, at least she has her health.

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