Victory Through Guts – A Joshi Podcast: Hot Summer Blast 1990 Review

Victory Through Guts A Joshi Podcast

Victory Through Guts: A Joshi Podcast is a new podcast from two of our contributors Alex Richards and Dylan Murray as they take a journey through All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling (AJW).  Episode 4 sees them move on to reviewing the follow up to the 1990 Japan Grand Prix, Hot Summer Blast

In this episode they discuss:

  • Harley Saito vs Shinobu Kandori from JWP
  • Hot Summer Blast/Kakuto Main Event Show Review
  • Some hot takes on the martial arts street fight between Aja Kong and Madusa Micelli
  • Thoughts on the forgotten classic between Manami Toyota and Bull Nakano

“In this episode of the Victory Through Guts Podcast, Dylan and Alex watch Kakuto Main Event (aka Hot Summer Blast) from July 21st, 1990. Listen to Dylan rant about the infamous Medusa vs Aja Kong Kickboxing Street Fight, as well as praise one of the best AJW singles matches of the year as Manami Toyota challenges Bull Nakano for the 3WA World Championship. Afterward, Dylan and Alex discuss the Main Event of the JWP show two days earlier between Harley Saito and Shinobu Kandori, a match that possibly outshined the AJW event entirely. Please Enjoy!

Note: The Audio on this episode becomes choppy at certain points, I tried to fix it in post but it seems to be an issue with our recording software. We apologize and plan to fix these issues moving forward.

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The podcast can be found on Anchor FM, Apple Podcast, and Spotify

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