#AndNEW: Yoshiko Wins SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Championship

Photo: @SLnnng

At SEAdLINNNG’s return to Korakuen Hall at Close To You Yoshiko defeated Arisa Nakajima to win the Beyond The Sea Championship.  Yoshiko is now a double champion as she also holds the Beyond The Sea Tag Team Championships with Hiroyo Matsumoto and becomes the fourth Beyond The Sea Champion, joining an exclusive list of Nakajima, Nanae Takahashi, and Takumi Iroha.

Nakajima’s reign ends just shy of 300 days following defences against Rina YamashitaAyame Sasamura, and a MOTY contender in 2019 against Nanae Takahashi.

Not only is Yoshiko one of the most talented women on the Joshi scene but she has become a viral star on the app TikTok with her current number of twitter followers being almost one hundred thousand higher than the official Stardom account.  Putting the championship on Yoshiko was the logical choice given her big online following.  Whether this has any impact on SEAdLINNNG’s drawing power remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, this company will be built around Yoshiko for some time, and she is more than talented enough to deserve that spot.

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