Yumiko Hotta Resigns From Position As Player-Coach In Actwres girl’Z

Yumiko Hotta
Photo Credit: https://www.actwresgirlz.com

In rather shocking news Joshi legend Yumiko Hotta has resigned from her position withing Actwres girl’Z (AgZ).  The news was broken in a press release sent to a Joshi magazine.  In the release, Hotta cites some policy differences with the owners of AgZ for her decision.

The thirty-five-year veteran had been acting as the trainer and a performer for AgZ often acting as a final boss style opponent for top names in the company.  Given AgZ’s mix of idol wrestling with a more modern wrestling Hotta was the perfect trainer as she began performing for All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling at the height of their idol boom and stayed through to their days of legendary work rate.  There are few wrestlers who have a better grasp on this style than Yumiko Hotta.

Where Hotta and AgZ go from here isn’t yet known but not having someone like Hotta around will instantly hurt any promotion.

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