Preview: Gatoh Move ChocoPro #30 (7/10/20) Mystery Show

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The landmark thirtieth episode of ChocoPro promises to be one of the most interesting yet. Recently, it was announced that it would be a “Mystery Show.” This would apply to all aspects of the show, specifically its matches and the guest star. What does this show have in store for viewers? How different will it be from previous episodes of ChocoPro? Only Emi Sakura, the founder and owner of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling, has the answers.

Herein lies the issue when previewing this upcoming show. How does one go about providing information about the show when next to no information is available? Make no mistake: Gatoh Move has developed a reputation for going against the grain, both in professional wrestling in Japan and abroad. From its use of a brown mat in place of a ring to the traditional janken tournament that closes each episode of ChocoPro, Gatoh Move subverts expectations at each turn. Perhaps it’s not too out of character for them to book a show where viewers won’t know anything until it happens.

Nonetheless, it’s fun to speculate and predict what shows have in store. This is especially true considering how far back ChocoPro goes. As stated earlier, we are approaching episode thirty of Gatoh Move’s YouTube show, so it’s fair to expect that Sakura and company will have something special in store. Let’s take a look at what we do know and predict. Regardless of how accurate my guesses are, smart money is on the show being entertaining all the same.

The Card

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of this show to predict is its card. ChocoPro shows have been home to a number of singles and tag team matches. A select number of these matches have been given unique stipulations, raising the stakes further. Despite being a promotion that’s more lighthearted than others, Gatoh Move has shown that it isn’t afraid to roll up its sleeves and get serious when needed. For proof of this, simply look at previous shows.

Yuna Mizumori, who is one of Gatoh Move’s most popular stars, isn’t a stranger to the stipulations in question. This past May, she faced Minoru Fujita in a Last Man Standing Match that was well-received by fans. She went on to defeat Mei Suruga in a competitive 30-Minute Iron Man Match later that month. Her most recent singles bout took the form of another Last Man Standing Match late last month, which saw her end her heated feud with Emi Sakura. When the situation called, Gatoh Move would implement these unique rules.

This isn’t to say that this episode of ChocoPro will host such stipulations. After all, there is very little that fans know about the show. Regardless, don’t expect these matches to be ordinary, as they will be sure to catch viewers by surprise.

ChocoPro Mystery Guest

Despite how little is known of this episode of ChocoPro, one nugget of information was dropped. Much like previous episodes, there will be a special guest that will appear. Keep in mind that this language is broad. Anyone could find themselves in the intimate venue of Ichigaya Chocolate Square. If the past episodes of ChocoPro are indicative, the guest will bring their own unique flair to the show, wowing long-time and new viewers alike.

Is it possible that the guest will be a wrestling veteran? From Kaori Yoneyama to Masato Tanaka to Minoru Suzuki, ChocoPro has played host to many a long-time name in the scene. Furthermore, these names have put on incredibly entertaining matches in the aforementioned venue. Despite how much they have grown their names over the years, they weren’t above stepping onto the iconic brown mat. Perhaps Sakura and company brought another name from the past to take part in this show.

What about Gatoh Move regulars? There are a few names that have been consistent presences on ChocoPro. Mei Suruga, Baliyan Akki, and Yuna Mizumori, just to name a few, have become synonymous with the show. However, there have been a few absentees as of late. This begs the question: is it possible that the mystery guest is one of the members of the Gatoh Move roster making their return? There are a few possibilities to consider.

Chie Koishikawa, who was among the latest class of rookies last year, has been absent from Gatoh Move since March. She hadn’t even made her ChocoPro debut, despite being one of the most energetic stars in the company. Perhaps the former fencer could reestablish her presence in Gatoh Move on this episode. Sayaka and Rin Rin, who were part of the same class as Koishikawa, appeared on the first episode of ChocoPro but have been absent ever since. After months of inactivity, it’s fair to assume that both are itching to get back into the fray.

ChocoPro has developed a reputation for featuring promising names in matches that wouldn’t have taken place otherwise. Other examples of guest stars include, but aren’t limited to, Chris Brookes and ASUKA/VENY. Regardless of who makes an appearance on this episode, expect that they will bring their own flavor to a show that’s already one of the most intriguing feasts in professional wrestling.

ChocoPro #29 will air on July 10th at 8 PM JST (7 AM EST and 12 PM BST.)

It will air live on the Gatoh Move YouTube channel for free before being available for on-demand viewing afterward. To support the company, you can sign up for their Patreon, which features multiple tiers, or their own on-demand streaming service linked below.

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