Preview: GCW – The Wrld on GCW, Part 2 (6/20/20)

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Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) makes their long-awaited return to live-action this Saturday with The Wrld on GCW, Part 2, with the promotion also making their Indiana debut at the Celebration Plaza Amphitheater in White River State Park in Indianapolis. It will mark GCW’s first event since night two of The Acid Cup 2 on March 20, 2020. The Saturday card sees many of the GCW regulars, as well as some exciting new debuts with the company, and it’s airing live on at 5pm EST.

Tre Lamar vs. Lee Moriarty

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A trainee of NXT’s Johnny Gargano and Candice Larae, Tre Lamar has exploded in the Midwest, where’s also in the Blood Diamond stable alongside Jake Lander and Kobe Durst and 40 Acres with AJ Gray and PB Smooth. The 22-year old is a regular with Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), IWA Mid South, and Indiana’s own Black Label Pro (Crown Point), where he’s a former BLP Tag Team Champion with Lander. Lamar was originally scheduled to make his debut with GCW over WrestleMania week, but the COVID pandemic postponed those plans. Another name who was meant to make his GCW debut at For The Culture, Pittsburgh’s Lee Moriarity is one of the most exciting young prospects in the US indies right now, and the 5-year pro has been making waves with Pennsylvania’s RYSE Wrestling, as well as AIW, CHIKARA, and Indiana’s own Bizarro Lucha (Indianapolis), Paradigm Pro Wrestling (Jefferson), and many more.

Gringo Loco vs. Johnathan Wolf vs. Cole Radrick vs. Calvin Tankman vs. JJ Garrett vs. Benjamin Carter

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A huge six-man match featuring some GCW regulars and top prospects. Gringo Loco is a Midwest veteran of the Chicago indie scene, who also competes for Major League Wrestling (MLW). He’s been fighting in GCW since 2018. Johnathan Wolf is part of a troupe of young guns who is breaking out on his own the past year. Wolf is a member of IFHY with Shawn Kemp, Tyler Matrix, Cole Radick, Alice Crowley, and others. But the 22-year old is starting to take flight on his own, working the Midwest scene with the likes of IWA Mid South, Black Label Pro, Wrestling Revolver, and more. Cole Radrickis a 22-year old who has been honing his craft with IWA Mid South, Rockstar Pro, Paradigm Pro Wrestling (PPW), Black Label Pro, and others. The current reigning PPW Champion, he’s held the title for 207-days, taking it from another GCW regular in AJ Gray. He made his GCW this past November at Chopper City in the Ghetto in Philadelphia. “Indestructible” Calvin Tankman is still in the early stages of wrestling, but the 380 lb. Tankman has been on a steady rise since debuting a few years ago. A mainstay with IWA Mid South since 2016, and a former IWA Mid South Heavyweight Champion, Tankman has been a wrecking crew throughout the US indies, with the likes of Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), EMERGE Wrestling, and Indiana’s Paradigm Pro Wrestling and Bizarro Lucha, where he’s the current reigning BL Luchaversal Champion. Tankman was also originally scheduled to debut with GCW at For The Culture. JJ Garrett is an 8-year pro who has worked with Iowa’s Impact Pro Wrestling (IPW) and 3X Wrestling and Kansas’ Journey Pro. Another prospect that is gaining attention is the UK’s Benjamin Carter, who’s turning heads in the US with the likes of ACTION Wrestling, AAW Pro, Scenic City, SCW Pro, and others. He was originally scheduled to make his GCW debut at Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation Fshow over WrestleMania Week until all events were canceled and instead debuted at The Acid Cup 2 event. Keep your eyes on Carter, as he’s a future star in the making.

Allie Kat vs. EFFY

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Allie Kat has become one of the toughest women on the US indie circuit in the past year, thanks in part to her match history in GCW. She’s faced off against the likes of Chris Dickinson, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and even Nick Gage in a deathmatch, staking her claim as a no-nonsense feline who won’t back down to any challenge. Her opponent, EFFY, has also had some seriously hardcore wars in GCW of late, in battles against Rickey Shane Page, Jimmy Lloyd, Eddie Kingston, and also Nick Gage (in a deathmatch). And now these two will be turning their battle-hardened attention on each other, which should be another fun one.

AJ Gray vs. KTB

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AJ Gray made his GCW debut in December of 2017 against KTB and on Saturday, the two are back to add another chapter in their history. Both men are also former GCW World Champions – AJ Gray was the man who finally ended Nick Gage’s 722-day reign as World Champion this past December before Rickey Shane Page ruined his celebration party. AJ Gray has emerged as another name to watch in the Midwest, as he’s the reigning Glory Pro Crown of Glory Champion and a former Paradigm Pro Champion and BLP Midwest Champion. He made a huge impact in his Discovery Gauntlet match last year on Beyond Wrestling‘s Uncharted Territory in a hard-hitting outing against Tony Deppen. KTB is up to the physicality challenge of AJ Gray, as the big man has been a veteran of many wars and deathmatches in GCW over the years.

Blake Christian vs. Myron Reed

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If you’re familiar with GCW, you’ve seen the aerial prowess of Blake Christian, one of their breakout stars of 2019. He’s facing off against Myron Reed, one of the top young stars in the US indie scene who is also making his official GCW debut – he was originally scheduled to do over WrestleMania week at GCW’s For The Culture. If Myron Reed looks familiar, that’s because he’s also seen on television as part of Major League Wrestling (MLW), where he’s part of the faction Injustice alongside another GCW regular, Jordan Oliver, and new recruit, Saieve Al Sabah. Reed is also the fourth member of The Rascalz (although he didn’t join Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel in IMPACT) and has had some great tag team championship tandems with the likes of AR Fox (in FireFox, AAW Tag Team Champions), Stephen Wolf  (Glory Pro United Glory Tag Team Champions), and Sugar Dunkerton (aka Pineapple Pete in AEW) in Hot Chocolate (IWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions). On June 20, we’ll get to see him in singles action in what could be the show-stealer.

Alex Zayne vs. Jimmy Lloyd

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Alex Zayne has become a very familiar and explosive name on the US indies ever since his debut with GCW last July 4 on their first Backyard Wrestling special event. The daredevil aerialist is set for a first time singles encounter against GCW’s resident “Different Boy” Jimmy Lloyd (although they have fought in multi-man matches previously). Both men have shown great versatility in the ring which should make for an entering match-up – while Lloyd is best known for his hardcore approach, he’s far more agile than many give him credit for. And with both these men’s mindsets, don’t be surprised if one of them attempts something incredible that will show up in a gif on Saturday night.

Tony Deppen vs. Shane Mercer

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Tony Deppen is one of the US indie scene’s greatest assets right now, with an incredible resume the past few years in GCW, Beyond Wrestling, CHIKARA, and more. Technically sound and tough as nails, he always shines win or lose. On Saturday, he faces “The Iron Demon” Shane Mercer, a man with undeniable power. Mercer has been a regular with GCW for a couple of years now, following a lengthy run with IWA Mid-South, where he’s a former IWA-MS Junior Heavyweight Champion and IWA-MS Tag Team Champion.

Chris Dickinson vs. 1 Called Manders

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Another of the aces of GCW, Chris Dickinson, was ready for a breakout run during WrestleMania week with a string of high profile matches, but don’t fret, the fire still burns in the “Dirty Daddy”. His last match before the pandemic hit was when he won the GCW Acid Cup 2 tournament this past March and he’ll be looking to pick up where he left off and get himself in contention for the GCW World title, that still sits around Rickey Shane Page’s waist. For his first match back he’s facing a rising star from the Midwest in 1 Called Manders, who has been a dominant star in Iowa’s SCW Pro. The reigning SCW Heavyweight Champion had a breakout year last year, making a name for himself in a variety of promotions including Beyond Wrestling, AIW, Glory Pro, Southern Underground Pro (SUP), ACTION Wrestling, and others, including his GCW debut last July at GCW Lights Out. A strapping hoss of a grappler, Manders is in for the biggest fight of his GCW tenure.

44OH (Rickey Shane Page & Atticus Cogar) vs. Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice)

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GCW World Champion Rickey Shane Page has been terrorizing GCW the past year, finally capturing the GCW World title this past December alongside his stable, 44OH. On Saturday, he’s teaming up with his first disciple, Atticus Cogar, to take on the new unit Second Gear Crew featuring two absolute lunatics in Mance Warner and Matthew Justice. Ol’ Mancer and Matthew Justice are two of the most unpredictable madmen in the entire US indie circuit (Warner has even shown the world the depths of his sadomasochism on TV with MLW). All four of these men can give and take with the best of them when things get hardcore, so this has all the makings of a bloody war. Incidentally, Warner’s last match pre-pandemic was in Indiana with Bizarro Lucha in March, where he defended his AAW Heavyweight title against 44OH’s Atticus Cogar, so there’s already some bad blood between this unit.

Nick Gage vs. Nate Webb

Photo: GCW

Two American hardcore veterans, surprisingly, this their first singles encounter since the first round of Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW)‘s Tournament of Death IV in 2005. Nick Gage is still trying to get back his GCW World Heavyweight Championship he lost last year, but if he has to go through Nate Webb to get back to Rickey Shane Page, then so be it.

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