Preview: Gatoh Move ChocoPro #19 (6/5/20)

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The second season of ChocoPro is about to commence. The first season of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling‘s live-streaming show concluded with episode eighteen this past Saturday. This show helped the promotion generated considerable interest among international wrestling fans. From Japan to the United States to India and elsewhere, ChocoPro has become an underground hit. If the recent events of season one are any indication, season two will be just as promising.

Looking at the recent card for episode nineteen of ChocoPro, there is plenty to look forward to. In addition to the return of one of Gatoh Move’s stalwarts, after a few months of inactivity, fans will also see the appearance of a star who has been making a name for himself in Japan, specifically Dramatic Dream Team. Without any further ado, let’s get into the three matches announced for the show.

Mitsuru Konno vs. Antonio Honda

Conspicuous by her absence was the “Leader” of Gatoh Move, Mitsuru Konno. In fact, her last official match was this past April, on the third episode of ChocoPro, when she wrestled Yuna Mizumori in a 10-minute draw. Konno took some time off after for wisdom tooth extraction but made her big return late last month. The conclusion of episode eighteen saw Konno step into Ichigaya Chocolate Square for the first time since the aforementioned match, much to the shock of those in the venue. Simply put, the beer-loving “Leader” was back on track.

Mitsuru Konno ChocoPro
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Konno’s first match back will take place against Antonio Honda, who has developed a reputation for his comedic antics. His finishing maneuver, empowered by his sock puppet ally known as Gon the Fox, has been the source of several laughs. However, Honda will have to stay vigilant, as Konno will undoubtedly enter this match with renewed vigor. She missed roughly two months of action, and if her goal is to make her way to the top of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling, she will have to get through Honda first.

Tokiko Kirihara and Baliyan Akki vs. Emi Sakura and Yuna Mizumori

In this tag team encounter, Tokiko Kirihara and Baliyan Akki will challenge a team that has been on different sides of the field of late. Yuna Mizumori, who has experienced something of a slump in her career, had been at odds with Emi Sakura. After being constantly told to find her true self by Sakura, Mizumori only became more frustrated by her mentor. Even picking up a recent win over Mei Suruga hasn’t done much to clear the mindset of the “Pineapple Girl.” Needless to say, the team of Sakura and Mizumori is nothing short of volatile.

The challenge facing Sakura and Mizumori will be that much greater given the caliber of opponents across from them. Tokiko Kirihara has been one of the fastest-growing talents in Gatoh Move, especially ChocoPro, and will be looking to score a victory in her budding wrestling career. Baliyan Akki, who has been integral to the success of ChocoPro, is equal parts charismatic and athletic. His matches against legendary stars Masato Tanaka and Minoru Suzuki helped to exhibit his potential that much more. Regardless of the team that emerges victorious, expect the energy level to be at a high note.

Mei Suruga vs. Chris Brookes

Anyone that follows social media will probably be familiar with the rivalry shared between these two. Mei Suruga, the young “ace” of Gatoh Move, has been something of a thorn in the side of Chris Brookes. Their interactions yielded plenty of laughs among fans and peers alike. They’ve had singles and tag team matches with each other in the past. Given how long Brookes has been away from Gatoh Move, though, this match has been highly anticipated.

Chris Brookes’ final appearance for Gatoh Move took place on episode four of ChocoPro. Brookes and Sakura bested the team of Akki and Mizumori. Brookes has been making a name for himself in Japan as of late, even becoming the inaugural DDT Universal Champion this past February. Since then, Brookes has remained in the title picture. For this match, however, championships will have to be left by the wayside. His goal will be to not only face Suruga but defeat her. No matter who wins, don’t expect their barbs traded on social media to end anytime soon.

ChocoPro #19 will air this Friday live, for free, on YouTube. You can check it out at 8 PM JST (7 AM EST) either as it airs or on demand afterward. For those that would like to support Gatoh Move, there are multiple avenues to take, including their streaming service – linked below – or their recently unveiled Patreon.

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