Preview: DDT – Peter Pan 2020 Day One (6/6/20)

Peter Pan 2020 Day One
All Photos Courtesy Of DDT

Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) has finally made it to their biggest show of the year. It was a bumpy ride and one venue change later the pieces have fallen into place. Peter Pan 2020 takes place over two nights with night one taking place exclusively on Wrestle Universe. The hope is that this bookends the time of no people shows, as they look towards limited audience shows. Here are the matches for Peter Pan 2020 Day One

DAMNATION (Soma Takao/Mad Paulie) vs Keigo Nakamura and Hideki Okatani

Peter Pan 2020 Day One

DAMNATION starts things off with a match against the two most visible young lions of the DDT roster. There is a chance for an upset here, but overall with Hideki Okatani‘s recent match against Jun Akiyama, it’s time to show what that match put into him.

Keisuke Ishii and HARUKAZE vs Hiroshi Yamato and Saori Anou 

Keisuke Ishii and HARUKAZE are representatives of the Ganbare Pro promotion, with Ishii being the current champion. Together they take on a powerful duo of Hiroshi Yamato and Saori Anou. Anou was last seen on DDT in a strong but losing effort against Saki Akai in the sixth match of her seven-match trials while Yamato is a journeyman who has fought in companies like WRESTLE-1, Pro Wrestling Noah and K-Dojo.

Super Sasadango Machine vs Pokotan

Peter Pan 2020 Day One

In a match that was originally to determine who was the number one mascot in the Niigata prefecture. This became more of a celebration with Muscle Sakai was named President and Representative Director of his family business. And the match was changed to dedicate that instead. Super Sasadango Machine and Pokotan will be a very entertaining match with this match being worthy of the occasion.

Nobuhiro Shimatani vs Seigo Tachibana

Both of these wrestlers want regular bookings in DDT, but only one can get that goal. Seigo Tachibana has gone to some crazy levels to achieve this match, from interrupting their zoom experiment to grandstand all the way to crashing a DDT TV Show taping to demand a match. Whereas Nobuhiro Shimatani has been seen more recently as DAMNATION’s manager. Who wants regular bookings more?

Jun Akiyama and Mizuki Watase vs ALL OUT (Akito/Yuki Iino)

Peter Pan 2020 Day One

Jun Akiyama teams with Mizuki Watase, who, after their recent match has been showing marked improvement. So the two go up against one of the tougher teams in ALL OUT, Akito and Yuki Iino are a pairing of technician and powerhouse. This will pose a unique style change to the tag team who are going to be working a King’s Road learned style. Without most of their main worry will ALL OUT be unphased, or will going under the wing of Akiyama cause Watase to get an upset.

DDT UNIVERSAL TITLE HARDCORE MATCH: Daisuke Sasaki (C) vs Isami Kodaka vs Shunma Katsumata

Daisuki Sasaki really doesn’t have any luck when it comes to these title matches. He called out Shunma Katsumata after making it out of the four-way match with the title. With a simple request, he wanted to defend his belt in a hardcore match. This prompted BASARA‘s Isami Kodaka to walk out and make a challenge of his own due to the Universal title being implemented after BASARA split from DDT making his collection of every major DDT title incomplete. With two challengers wishing to take him on in a hardcore match this was made into a three-way. Shunma and Kodaka are dangerous in the hardcore match stipulation making this match one to be interested in.

Sanshiro Takagi/Kazusada Higuchi/Tomomitsu Matsunaga vs Kongoh (Kenoh/Masa Kitamiya/Hao) 

Peter Pan 2020 Day One

Well, it’s no secret that Sanshiro Takagi is Noah’s president, and on the go-home show to Peter Pan 2020. Kenoh made a threat that if Takagi didn’t stay away from Noah then there would be violence. Takagi responded with calling out all of Kongoh to fight in a DDT ring. So here come the men to defend DDT vs Kongoh in match advertised as all-out war, and with the names listed. It seems we’re gonna get just that.

Tokyo 2020 Last Man Standing: Konosuke Takeshita vs Yoshihiko

If there was one match that all of the DDT TV Shows were building to, it was this. On week one Yoshihiko declared war on ALL OUT declaring them all dead. And they made good on that promise, defeating pretty much everyone from that stable. Eventually, it came down to a one fall match between Konosuke Takeshita and Yoshihiko where Akihiro made her return costing Takeshita the match. A tag match was booked and there a line was crossed, while Akito had Yoshihiko tied up Takeshita ripped off the arm of Akihiro causing a ref stoppage. So now it’s time for revenge with both sides pushed to their breaking point, only one can be left standing in the main event of Peter Pan 2020.

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