Preview: Gatoh Move ChocoPro #18 (5/30/20)

ChocoPro 5/30/20
Photo / Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling

Hot off the heels of a competitive ironman match, Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling returns with a weekend episode of ChocoPro! Based on the announced card, it would appear that this episode will be more lighthearted. Despite this, there are still quite a few questions left unanswered. Despite the huge victory earned by Yuna Mizumori last time, her self-confidence remains a mystery. Will she be able to continue her momentum on the eighteenth episode of ChocoPro?

This episode of ChocoPro has been dubbed the “Double Birthday Blast.” May 30th marks the birthday for two of Gatoh Move’s featured talent. The first is Mei Suruga, who will be celebrating her 21st birthday. The second is Baliyan Akki, who will be turning 25 years old the same day. Without further ado, let’s get into the main card of ChocoPro #18.

Best Bros. (Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki) vs. Rotten Yahho (Yuna Mizumori and Minoru Fujita)

In the featured match of this weekend’s episode of ChocoPro, tag team action is the name of the game. On one side of the equation is the team of Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki, collectively and affectionately known as Best Bros. For those that are avid watchers of Gatoh Move’s YouTube content, you have seen these two during watchalongs with the promotion’s founder, Emi Sakura. Suruga and Akki are good friends. Ergo, they have chemistry that lends itself to tag team success.

Despite this, both Suruga and Akki have experienced hardships in previous matches. Case and point, in the aforementioned ironman match, Suruga came up short. Though Suruga gave her a fight to remember, Mizumori emerged victorious with 4 falls to 3. Conversely, Akki’s two previous matches ended in time limit draws. While it can be argued that Akki wouldn’t have losses in the record books, he’s a proud wrestler that’s hungry for victories. “Mei-chan” would be hard-pressed to argue.

This bout will no chocolate cakewalk, however, as they will be up against stiff competition.

Rotten Yahho, comprised of Yuna Mizumori and Minoru Fujita, is an interesting pair to say the least. For those that are unfamiliar, Fujita has made regular appearances for Gatoh Move, especially recently with the introduction of ChocoPro. He also boasts over 20 years of wrestling experience, having won tag team gold in Pro Wrestling NOAH and Dramatic Dream Team, just to name a few promotions. Fujita’s reputation as a tag team specialist may serve him well in his encounter.

Minoru Fujita Yuna Mizumori ChocoPro
Photo / Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling

Gelling as a team may not come as easily for Mizumori and Fujita as it will for Suruga and Akki, however. Earlier this month, the “Pineapple Girl” faced Fujita in a competitive Last Man Standing Match on the eleventh episode of ChocoPro. Despite a valiant effort by Mizumori, she was defeated by her elder. To gain the upper hand, the team of Rotten Yahho will have to get on the same page. Keep an eye on Mizumori, as the ongoing story of Gatoh Move’s “Power Fighter” has been the most engaging in the promotion.

As was the case with prior episodes of ChocoPro, this weekend’s episode will be broadcast live on YouTube. It will take place on May 30th at 8 PM JST (7 AM EST) and broadcast via livestreaming. The stream will be available for viewing afterward.

Stay tuned to the Last Word on Pro Wrestling for more on this and other stories from around the world of wrestling, as they develop. You can always count on LWOPW to be on top of the major news in the wrestling world, as well as to provide you with analysis, previews, videos, interviews, and editorials on the wrestling world. You can watch Mei Suruga at Gatoh Move on YouTube and via the Gatoh Move Experience.


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