Sheamus Finds His Resurgence As ‘The Celtic Warrior’

Sheamus, Morrison and Usos return. Sheamus beats up Shorty G.
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SmackDown on FOX has had a rough go the past couple of months. They have had weird decisions and difficult situations occur that have put them behind Raw in terms of entertainment value, but there are still a few parts of the show that seems to be working. One of those parts is the resurgence of Sheamus as a singles star once again. So much so that they can push him to the main event or have him run roughshod in the mid-card. Either way, what they are doing with the rebirth of “The Celtic Warrior” should grab everyone’s attention moving forward. The “Fella” is back.

Returning From Tag Team Prominence

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Sheamus was in tag team purgatory for three years alongside Cesaro as The Bar. They found incredible success together winning five tag team championships while also ending The New Day’s historic reign in 2016. What makes this so special is that Sheamus, being in that division for so long, managed to come back and be seen as a force almost immediately. That could have to do with the long layoff he had and the fashion he came back in. Sheamus and Cesaro are currently on the same roster but have been kept far apart. Sheamus, for the most part, has been kept away from most of the roster as they have him re-establish himself through brutal squash matches that make him seem scarier than ever.

Remembering The Accolades Of “The Celtic Warrior”

His aura is still there, considering all the accolades he has accomplished. Along with his five tag team championship reigns come two United States championship reigns, a Royal Rumble victory, King of the Ring tournament win, Money in the Bank win, and most importantly, his four world title reigns. These accolades are among the most impressive in the history of WWE. That has to make you believe that his path could be on the way to the Intercontinental Championship. If he were to acquire the title in the future, he would join the ranks that the only Edge has entered of being an ultimate winner in the WWE. Winning every single accolade made possible, proving how historic Sheamus’ career has been. Under the radar, may we add.

The question for Sheamus has to be, what is next?

What’s Next For Sheamus

“The Celtic Warrior” has seemingly set his sights on another returning superstar, which could be a great feud before chasing the Intercontinental Championship. That superstar is Jeff Hardy, who has caught the attention of Sheamus in recent weeks to the point that “The Celtic Warrior” continues to threaten Michael Cole every second he speaks about “The Charismatic Enigma.” It’s an interesting feud to think about, as these two were in a rivalry during 2017 with their respective partners. It was among the best feuds that year and could be one again in 2020. The extremist mindset and style of Hardy mixed with the physical and stiff manner of Sheamus’ in-ring maneuvers can lead to one of the better programs SmackDown has seen in months.

It’ll be interesting to see who gets the nod between these two considering they are both relatively fresh to the SmackDown roster and would both benefit from finding success. Depending on what Sami Zayn is up to in the next few months, this feud could turn into an Intercontinental Championship chase with the winner of the feud walking out with a title opportunity. These two men can benefit from one another, with Sheamus winning and moving forward into the mid-card title picture.

“The Fella” has a lot going for him and is among the best factors of SmackDown right now.

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