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With more canceled events going on in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) has decided to add more free shows onto their streaming service, DDT Universe. The 20 shows that are already on there from March will remain free to watch until April 30th. Along with 12 new shows from DDT, Tokyo Joshi Pro, Noah, Ganbare Pro and instead of offering more Rojo Wrestling, the company has decided to offer something surprising. Shows from offshoots of the DDT brand that go by the names of Boyz, YaroZ, and MUSCLE, all of which have an interesting style to them. Boyz and YaroZ being rival promotions in a sense built within DDT. Where one is all about being pretty and appealing to female fans, and YaroZ is about being a tough guy. Both of these promotions approach this with a comedic style. Muscle learns more towards the weird side of DDT.

Already some of DDT’s most interesting shows are on there. But now the introduction of shows like Wrestle Peter Pan ’19 and some contributions from Noah. There is truly a wide selection of styles and formats from the streaming service being put on display. As the case with the first batch of shows, no registration is needed to watch these free events. But once April 30th comes around a registration will be needed to continue watching.

The newly added show schedule goes as follows:

Already Out:  All Out x Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling (DDT) Noah Global Tag League (Noah)

April 3rd: “Fighting Beer Garden 2018” ~Tokyo Joshi Pro Day~ (TJPW) MUSCLE Mania in Ryogoku “Our Second Career” (MUSCLE)

April 4th: Ganbare Climax First Round 2017 (Ganbare Pro) Wrestle Peter Pan 2019 (DDT)

April 5th: NOAH THE SPIRIT 2020 (Noah) Tokyo Joshi Pro ’19 (Tokyo Joshi Pro)

April 6th: Fighting Beer Garden 2019 ~ALL OUT DAY~ (DDT) YaroZ Part 7 (YaroZ)

April 7th: (Brand New) BOYZ 1 ~DDT Special Edition~ (BOYZ) KFC 2 Days ’19 ~Temple of the Sun~ (Tokyo Joshi Pro)

Stay tuned to the Last Word on Pro Wrestling for more on this and other stories from around the world of wrestling, as they develop. You can always count on LWOPW to be on top of the major news in the wrestling world, as well as to provide you with analysis, previews, videos, interviews, and editorials on the wrestling world.  Make sure to head over to DDT Universe to see the shows.


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