DDT Cancellations due to COVID-19


Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) started the month of March by canceling all of their shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But there seemed to be light of hope at the end of the year as they began holding shows with live audiences starting with JUDGEMENT 2020 and even having a Rojo Wrestling match at a nature school things seemed to be mellowing out over in the DDT camp. However, it seemed the return to normal was short-lived as DDT just announced many of their upcoming shows to be canceled or postponed. The most notable of these events that will not be taking place is MAX BUMP 2020 which is one of their larger yearly shows. An early sign of this was a canceled Tokyo Joshi Pro show as that was the only promotion under the DDT umbrella to not run a show during the brief time of show running as Ganbare Pro held a show as well.

That being said there are some more things to take in and some interesting developments from the DDT cancellations. The two DDT shows that will be postponed to a later date are “Road to Peter Pan 2020 ~Dramatic Dream Takeshi~” and “DAMNATION Illegal Rally Returns” which go on top of the shows from the last batch of cancellations that would be rescheduled. Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling currently has no shows planned for rescheduling. And in the meantime, there will be No-People shows possibly in the similar vein of early march in the dojo. Interestingly enough one show will go on the show titled “Protect the Elderly from the New Coronavirus! Kyou Clinic Pro Wrestling” Which is a Rojo Wrestling match of Shinya Aoki & Makoto Oishi vs Takeshita Miyukinokai & Katsumata Madokaba vs Chris Brooks and Mike Bailey Vs Gorgeous Matsuno & Gabai Ji-chan taking place inside of a health clinic and streamed on youtube.


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