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With the current unprecedented lockdowns/cancellations etc. caused by the coronavirus wrestling is needed more than ever. That’s why we are here to recommend some good ole professional wrestling matches to fill your time and give you your fix. This is a time when the streaming services like the WWE Network, Powerslam TV, and IMPACT Plus among others come into great use for you to go back and find some classics. This is the “Must Watch Matches” series, in this edition we explore the must-watch matches from the formative years of World Wonder Ring Stardom.

Note: This is not necessarily based on anything except wrestling matches that can bring any fan pure joy at any time. We hope you enjoy the list and check out these matches in this time of difficulty. Enjoy!

Nanae Takahashi vs Arisa Hoshiki (February 12, 2011)

This match sums up everything that made Stardom so fun in it’s earlier years.  The veteran Nanae took on the Arisa Hoshiki in just her second-ever match.  Young Hoshiki really took the fight to Takahashi, no matter how hard Takahashi hit, Hoshiki hit harder.  There’s a fire and uniqueness to Hoshiki who was still putting things together and covered for her lack of experience by kicking people’s skin off.

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Sakura Hirota vs Haruka (February 27 & March 27, 2011)

Sakura Hirota has always been one of the best comedy wrestlers around.  So what better way to use her than to have her wrestle a child, yes an actual child.  Haruka is best known as the little girl that wrestled Kenny Omega but she was also a fixture of Stardom’s early shows.  This mini-series with Hirota was really fun with Hirota playing up the comedy while Haruka just outdid her in every way.

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Yuzuki Aikawa vs Arisa Hoshiki (April 10, 2011)

The first-ever ace of Stardom Yuzuki Aikawa was an absolute killer in the ring.  She took to wrestling like a duck to water and was instantly one of the most entertaining women on the roster.  In this match, she faced Arisa Hoshiki another top tier striker.  What ensued was a stiff match that was just a joy to watch as neither woman backed down from the onslaught of strikes.  It’s insane to think they had less than 15 matches combined experience before this match.

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Yoshiko vs Natsuki Taiyo (April 30, 2011)

Natsuki Taiyo was one of the best wrestlers to ever step into a Stardom ring and while it’s unfortunate that most of her run with the company isn’t easily available to see we do have this match of hers against a young Yoshiko.  This match followed a simple David vs Goliath structure with Taiyo wowing with her high flying abilities.  An easy recommendation to help get some eyes on the fantastic Taiyo.

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Yoko Bito vs Arisa Hoshiki (May 8, 2011)

Fan-favorite Yoko Bito does battle with Arisa Hoshiki.  This is another match where the two competitors are beating each other up to try and get the win.  Both Bito and Hoshiki debuted just months prior to this encounter but you wouldn’t even notice their lack of experience as they kicked each other harder and harder as the match went on

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Mayu Iwatani vs Hiroyo Matsumoto (September 20, 2011)

Young Mayu Iwatani was a high flier and in this match, she faced the “lady destroyer” Matsumoto.  Matsumoto being the more experienced, bigger, and stronger competitor didn’t take it easy on poor Iwatani but Mayu showed a lot of heart, something which would become her trademark as her career progressed.

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Yuzuki Aikawa vs Saki Kashima (September 20, 2011)

Aikawa make another appearance on this list and once again it’s for beating the daylights out of a fellow newcomer.  Saki Kashima was really good as she pulled out some really complex and unique maneuvers to try and get a foothold in the match but would often get stopped by a kick to the head.

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Saki Kashima vs Natsuki Taiyo vs Yoko Bito (February 2, 2012)

Joshi triple threats have a high floor.  With these three competitors involved you were guaranteed a good time.  Taiyo brought her speed and aerial abilities, Kashima brought fire and some more of her complex offense and Bito was just there taking glee in kicking the both of them when she could.

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Kairi Hojo vs Nanae Takahashi

Even in her early days, it was apparent that Kairi Hojo had talent and this match is all the proof you need.  This match was similar to Takahashi vs Hoshiki in that Takahashi was the battle-hardened veteran who beat up her younger opponent.  Kairi Hojo fought back with fire and showed off some of the tenacity that would make her one of the most successful performers in Stardom history.

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