AEW Dynamite Highlights – PAC, Lucha Bros Form Death Triangle (3/4/20)

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The first Dynamite show since Revolution was sure to be held to high standards by AEW fans. After announcing a number of matches before the show even began, it was a night looking shaky if we are going to be all that honest. But no fear, with a new AEW World Champion in Jon Moxley and a new death triangle is born for AEW to worry about. Here are the highlights.

Dynamite Notes:

  • Colt Cabana had his first match on Dynamite, teaming with SCU. They beat The Dark Order and were told that when “The Exalted One” arrives, heads will roll.
  • MJF has set his sights on Jon Moxley

Chris Jericho puts it all on the line to get back at Jon Moxley

To say Jon Moxley is beloved would be terribly understated. The new AEW World Champion kicked off Dynamite celebrating professional wrestling. The sport that he loved. He talked it up to no end before bringing up the fact that he recognizes The Inner Circle will be coming for him. Before long, the former champion Chris Jericho and the rest of his buddies made his way out. Jericho informed the Dynamite fans that he and The Inner Circle will take over and will make sure Moxley will not walk out. But he upped the anty. Jericho stated that he will take a 60-day leave of absence if Moxley does manage to walk out on his own two feet following the main event. The fans proceeded to chant “Fozzy sucks” at Jericho. AEW without Chris Jericho does not sound like a world anyone should want to live in.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts interrupts Cody to reveal his client will help him take Cody’s stake in AEW

Not something I pictured writing here, that is for certain. Cody was out to try and get MJF to admit that he did not beat him clean, but instead of him showing up, it was Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Roberts announced that he has a client that is coming to AEW and he has a dark side. A dark side that is going to not only take AEW but aim for the stake of AEW that Cody owns. He then in so many words told Cody he was neither threatened nor respected “The American Nightmare.” We will be waiting to see who that client is as Cody will be taking him on soon enough.

Dynamite of the Night: Death Triangle officially forms and destroys The Best Friends

Factions, factions are no fun unless you include everyone! All Elite Wrestling is taking a little from New Japan Pro Wrestling as they continue to form a number of factions and on Wednesday night, another was made. Following PAC‘s win over Chuck Taylor, he began to beat down on Orange Cassidy. Out came the Lucha Bros once again to aid PAC without an explanation. PAC then picked up the mic to announce that they will now be known as Death Triangle, forming the newest faction. There have been plenty made but this one is one of the more interesting and hopefully dominant when the time comes for them to perform. Death Triangle will have their first match next week.

Hangman Page saves The Elite, flips off Matt Jackson

The Elite and Hangman Page have clearly not been on the same page. But when The Inner Circle brought the beat down to his former but not former friends, he came down and made the save. A beer in the hand and a perfect Buck Shot Lariat to Jake Hager would be the exclamation point they needed. Matt Jackson asked if they were good. Page answered that with the salute, leaving his future with The Elite unanswered all over again.

Moxley left unconscious by The Inner Circle

Before the main event got started, The Inner Circle attacked Jon Moxley from behind before he ever got to make his entrance. This left Darby Allin by himself to take on Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara in a handicap match. One thing that anyone has learned about Allin is the fact he does not give up. He will, at all costs, survive until there is no time to survive anymore. You pretty much have to kill him. When Guevara got tagged into the ring, Allin found a second win by acting like he tagged himself in. A Coffin Drop would take out all the members of The Inner Circle.

Allin would roll Guevara back into the ring and hit the Coffin Drop and almost win the match before Jericho got to the ring. Allin attempted a tope suicida but was hit with the Judas Effect, giving Jericho and Guevara the victory. After the match concluded Moxley came down to the ring with a steel chair and cleared out everyone. The AEW World Champion held the ring before the numbers were able to figure it back out and the attack was back on. The five men would hit a powerbomb on Moxley, throwing him from the stage through a group of tables. Seems like Jericho may not be going anywhere ladies and gentlemen.

Death Triangle will have their first match and Blood and Guts’ rules will be explained all next week on Dynamite.

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