GCW Adds Viral Sensation “Walmart Dudes” to JJSB4

jjsb4 walmart dudes
Credit: GCW

In 2017, indie wrestling sensation Joey Janela, launched Joey Janela’s Spring Break and it became an overnight hit. Now, in its fourth iteration, Janela and Game Changer Wrestling continue to pull out all the stops for what is always one of WrestleMania Week‘s top draws. Just added to the card for JJSB4 are the Walmart Dudes, Lord Adrean and Tahir2X.

In late January, a video (that now has over 5.3 million views) emerged of a group of guys performing wrestling moves in the middle of a Walmart in Atlanta, Georgia. The video featured four guys, who call themselves “The Faction,” involved in a ropeless wrestling match. There were steel chairs and guys jumping off tables and surprisingly, not a single employee there to prevent the chaos.

This was not the first time Lord Adrean and his faction of wrestlers have invaded local establishments to put on impromptu wrestling matches. According to the man himself in an interview on the Talks with TR podcast with pro wrestler Thunder Rosa, the guys have staged matches in a Burger King, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, the mall, church and more. They’ve put on matches everywhere you wouldn’t expect and that’s kinda been the point.

A Texas native, Lord Adrean had a wild idea when WrestleMania 32 was headed to Dallas. He wanted to find someone to take a few RKOs to make some videos. He contacted someone on social media and while that person couldn’t make it he connected Lord Adrean with Tahir2X and the rest was history. For the past four or five years, Lord Adrean and Tahir2X have been putting on shows and have recently expanded their crew to four, having connected with two other lifelong wrestling fans who instantly embraced the madness that comes with being viral sensations. Because what started as just two guys goofing around has turned into something much bigger with SportsCenter on ESPN, Bleacher Report, and even wrestlers like Randy Orton taking notice. Super Humman has even begun imitating the art, something that hasn’t bothered the guys because he properly attributed credit to Lord Adrean and the rest of the Faction.

And now, at the spectacle of spectacles, JJSB4, Lord Adrean and Tahir2X, now billed as the “Walmart Dudes,” will have a chance to test their skills in the ring. This won’t be the first time Lord Adrean is stepping into the ropes, however. As he told Thunder Rosa, he was once in a “hardcore, almost like a death match.” Lord Adrean noted taking barbed wire to the head in that one, which should make him feel right at home in a GCW ring.

Two days ago, Lord Adrean told Thunder Rosa, “if they let us in any wrestling promotion, that’s amazing.” Thanks to GCW and Joey Janela, JJSB4 is also gonna be quite the amazing show now that it’s featuring these two incredibly talented athletes, the Walmart Dudes, in action.

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