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The last guide to DDT focused on the promotions under the Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) umbrella. But that was was a broader look at everything, and now it’s time to focus on the specific DDT promotion. DDT holds many titles, and a good chunk of them carry some form of added stipulation to them. So it’s good to be able to recognize the titles and what they mean. The list in which the titles are in a loose order of how seriously the belts are taken, and only will include active titles.

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KO-D 10 Man Tag Team Title 

This belt is simple enough, teams of five challenge for this title. However, it’s only been held by two teams over its existence. With the original champions vacating the belts. Thus there have been only two title matches for this belt with the most recent being at Ultimate Party 2019. Explained off as a logistical nightmare, but kept active for larger shows. It’s really more of a novelty to put on the line when a 10 man tag match is booked. Even if the current champions aren’t in the match.

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Ironman Heavymetalweight Title

From a title that’s rarely defended to one that’s defended at all times of the day. This title was introduced as a parody of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hardcore title’s 24/7 rule taking it to its extremes. It has since become one of the titles most associated with DDT. Having been won by unconventional champions, and won in unconventional means. On shows, it’s often defended in a battle royal style match. And while the title may change hands multiple times during those matches. It also gives an opportunity for people who are either new to the promotion or haven’t gotten much opportunity to show off their character to connect with the crowd.

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O-40 Title

This title is a joke on the young lion style of belts that some companies would have. It’s own namesake coming from the defunct U-30 belt that belonged to New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). The only qualification for this belt is that the competitor for the title must be over 40 years old. It hasn’t had much time to develop only being active for less than a year.

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DDT Extreme Division

The DDT Extreme Division title must be defended under a gimmick match usually chosen by the defending champion. This can either lead to brutal hardcore matches, comedy matches, or athletic contests. It is one of the most variety driven belts in the company and a hidden gem that is always worth keeping an eye on.

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Universal Championship

Their newest championship, announced late last year as one meant for international expansion. And as a way to reach a larger audience. So far they’ve only had their inaugural champion crowned. So this one is something to keep an eye on to see how they handle it.

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KO-D Tag Titles

DDT Has two sets of Tag titles one for two on two and one for six-man matches. As there’s really nothing too extraordinary about them history or gimmick wise. They’re under this one category. But I think a word of warning on the six-man titles is pre-2013 there were the Jiyugaoka Six-person and Sea of Japan six-person titles which were unified in 2012 with a tournament.

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KO-D Openweight Title

The top of the ladder for DDT. This title was introduced in 2000 and over the time the belt has been active there have been only 34 people who have held the belt. The person with the most days as champion being HARASHIMA. This title is normally where DDT gets rid of the comedy and goes all out with putting on athletic contests. Not to say there haven’t been more comedic matches for the title, but they are few and far between.

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