Yuka Sakazaki Returning To AEW

Yuka Sakazaki
Photo: AEW

The AYAYAYAYAYA girl, the savior of AEW Yuka Sakazaki is set to make her return to AEW on the next edition of Dynamite where she will take on Britt Baker.  Sakazaki was involved in AEW’s early events before Dynamite debuted and managed to become really popular with the audience (who could forget Yuka’s sad face after Riho was mean to her).

For those that have not seen Yuka Sakazaki before let’s talk about what to expect from her.  Whatever preconceived notion you have of the “Joshi style” needs to be thrown out the window.  Yuka Sakazaki is a high flier and a damn good one at that.  Her energy matches her wrestling style as she’s happy to fly around the ring and bombard her enemies.  She makes hard techniques look easy and uses the ropes to her advantage to help her springboard moves.  If allowed we could also see Sakazaki show off her mat wrestling skills.

Since last appearing for AEW Sakazaki captured the top title in her home promotion of Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling.  She won the Tokyo Princess Of Princesses Championship at DDT Ultimate Party in Sumo Hall to become a two-time champion by defeating former tag partner, and AEW alumni, Shoko Nakajima in front of almost six thousand people.  Sakazaki debuted in 2013 for TJPW but wouldn’t win her first title until 2017, since then shes become a two-time Princess Of Princesses champion and a two-time TOKYO Princess Tag Team Champion.

The charismatic Joshi performer has proven to be a big hit for TJPW and hopefully can continue earning the adoration of the fans in AEW because Yuka Sakazaki is a star and one that AEW needs to make use of ASAP.

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