#AndNEW Daisuke Harada Wins NOAH Global Junior League

Daisuke Harada
Photo / @noah_ghc on Twitter

Pro Wrestling NOAH has been in the headlines as of late with the recent partnership with DDT Wrestling/Cyber Agent. Because of this, NOAH is continuing to gain popularity under this new era, with this starts new streaming for the platform as it’s been announced that NOAH will be live-streaming there shows on DDT Universe. The first show that they had on their platform was truly special, as it showcased the finals of one of NOAH’s tournaments between Dick Togo and Daisuke Harada.

The Global Junior League is considered a top tournament for the juniors of Pro Wrestling NOAH. It makes it more special as there are two factions that are based around juniors. This tournament featuring four separate blocks, the return of Dick Togo and featured new names like Chris Ridgeway. Sadly, not all of the tournament made air but a lot can be seen on their YouTube channel and Twitter feed. In the end, it came down to two men on NOAH’s January 30th show.

Dick Togo dominated the tournament throughout,  even defeating GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion Yoshinari Ogawa to go to the finals. One of the top stories was the rise of Daisuke Harada. Daisuke Harada has been a junior wrestler for the past decade, even sometimes holding the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship while representing the RATELS faction. He also helped continue the partnership with Britain’s IPW-UK holding their junior heavyweight championship. Daisuke Harada has started to become one of the top juniors of Pro Wrestling NOAH.

The final of the tournament was a match between Daisuke Harada and Dick Togo. Dick Togo who recently made his return to the company after a hiatus and a true veteran at the age of 50 years old.  This match was limb-based, with a lot of damage done to the legs of Daisuke.  Daisuke kept coming back with brutal elbow strikes and German suplexes, knocking Togo down. A few more big German suplexes later, Daisuke Harada would pin Dick Togo to win the Global Junior League Tournament, gaining a title shot for Yoshinari Ogawa’s GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship in the near future.

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