Raw Highlights – Randy Orton Hits Con-Chair-To On Edge (1/27/20)

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One night removed from one of the most exciting Royal Rumble‘s in recent memory was another edition of Monday Night Raw. Fans were awaiting the winners of the Royal Rumble‘s decisions as that will loom until WrestleMania comes around. And then the elephant in the room would be answered. What’s next for “The Rated R Superstar”? All questions would be answered. Here are the highlights.

Drew McIntyre Selects Brock Lesnar, Lesnar Responds Thunderously


The 2020 men’s Royal Rumble winner, Drew McIntyre, kicked off Monday Night Raw and wasted no time in letting the world know who he would be selecting. He courageously selected Brock Lesnar and his WWE Championship. “The Scottish Psychopath,” told the world that he is not afraid of “The Beast” and he will win the championship in the main event of WrestleMania this year. He then wanted to put on a “Claymore Party” for the fans on tap. It would be The OC‘s Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to answer the call, leading to a handicap match. McIntyre destroyed both men with Claymore’s won the match. Immediately after, he was attacked by Brock Lesnar and handed an F5. It’s official. The build-up to this one will be must-see with a confident McIntyre ready to go.

Raw MVP: Rated RKO

Rated RKO was far and away the best part of this episode of Raw for all the wrong reasons when it comes to thinking of them as an actual team. Edge made his glorious return to Raw in the main event segment of Raw to talk to the fans. He was not too shockingly emotional, but happy. He talked about how hard he worked his way back to where he is and would not give up until he could really know the answer to “what if?” “The Rated R Superstar,” said that his grit was the reason he is back. And finally, he made it clear he was not going anywhere by telling the world that he is going to end his career on his terms this time. The fans were all in with him and he appreciated it every single word. Then it all turned.

Randy Orton made his way down to the ring and embraced his friend and former tag team partner. Edge was clearly emotional as tears came into his eyes. Orton talked about how when he was younger and they traveled the road. No matter how poorly he acted, Edge would always pick him up and save him. And then he extended the invitation. Rated RKO, one more time. All seemed right and Edge was smiling from ear to ear. But that’s when “The Viper” strikes.

Orton hit an RKO on his friend and the crowd filled the arena with boos. He then smashed him in the back with a chair and threatened to re-break his neck. He held back and took off the chair from his neck. Seemed he was prepared to leave before running back and grabbing two chairs. The dreaded and illegal con-chair-to that Edge made famous was hit on the head of Edge by Orton. All Orton did was sit there as the show turned to black. It was perfection by these two and all signs point to a match at the biggest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

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