AJPW World Tag League Winners

AJPW World Tag League

All Japan Pro Wrestling is considered one of the premiere Puroresu promotions in recent memory, with its emphasis on the King’s Road style and it’s incredible in-ring action. AJPW has received tons of popularity in recent memory due to the support of the former Real Hero Archive. A few years have passed since then and AJPW goes into its 2nd Year with its subscription service. AJPW recently ended one of it’s most prestigious tournaments of the year off with the annual tag league. Aka “The Real World Tag League”. This tournament was filled with tons of incredible action, that you can watch here. But it’s the result that everyone will be talking about.

The Tag League went for 19 Days of the year, it’s still to this day the longest annual tag league in Japan in this day and age. But the reason for it is because this tournament usually showcases the best tag action throughout the year. This tag league was no exception. With both Shuji Ishikawa and Suwama facing off against Jake Lee and Naoya Nomura in the finals of the tournament in Korkauen Hall. I want to give some background on both of these teams. Suwama is the former Ace of All Japan and has won this tournament multiple times and is almost always involved in the finals of the tournament. Shuji Ishikawa, on the other hand, has held the tag trophy 3 times in his career. Naoya Nomura left the faction “NXTREAM” to pursue other work in the faction “Evolution” and Naoya received many opportunities this year especially for the world title. Failing each time, but his partner Jake Lee, on the other hand, has been making history for Evolution. Jake Lee has participated in the various tournaments this year for the company as part of the heavyweight division and he actually finished 3 of these tournaments in the finals. Royal Road, WTL and Champions Carnival. Winning Royal Road and ending his year in the finals of WTL with former compatriot Naoya Nomura

The match would last almost 20 Minutes with Shuji Ishikawa and Suwama winning it for their third time as the tag team “The Violet Giants”. Both Suwama and Shuji are now scheduled to face off against Zeus and Ryouji Sai at one of the first events of 2020. The future for Naoya Nomura is uncertain. But Jake Lee it is certain as he’s scheduled to face Triple Crown Champion Kento Miyahara in the main event of the first show of the year. The only thing that is certain is that All Japan’s Tag League is over. But it brings more hype toward the 2nd & 3rd of 2020 for some highly anticipated tag action and a major main event which could change the very face of All Japan. Forever.

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