SmackDown Highlights – Bray Wyatt Unveils “Fiend” Championship (11/29/19)

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Happy holidays everyone. I hope you all had a grand Thanksgiving as the first SmackDown since Survivor Series went down Friday night. How would King Corbin respond to Roman Reigns eliminating him at the event? And of course, the big surprise which would be the new member of the Firefly Fun House. Here are the highlights:

SmackDown Highlights (11/29/19)

Bray Wyatt Unveils A New Universal Champion For “The Fiend”

When it was announced that Bray Wyatt would be welcoming a new member to the Firefly Fun House earlier this week the rumors began to swirl. Fans hoped and believed that it could possibly lead to the return of Liv Morgan as a design was teased for the show but was later revealed to be a fake. So, what or who could it be? As Bray welcomed in his fireflies, he said that he is thankful for his Universal Championship and believed if he has one, so should “The Fiend“, which was then revealed as the new championship was a spitting image of “The Fiend” himself with hurt and heal on the sides. Before it was all said and done, Bray hinted that he wants to play with Daniel Bryan again and all he would have to do is let him in.

Sheamus Returns With Old Look, Challenges The Locker Room

As SmackDown came back from commercial, music was playing. It would be revealed as Sheamus. Sheamus hasn’t been seen in months, but he was back and looked like his old self without the mohawk and the spiked hair once again. Sheamus questioned the land of SmackDown, naming “The Fiend”, a King, and whatever a Shorty G is. He called the land pathetic and made perfectly clear that soon enough SmackDown will be his as the “Celtic Warrior” is officially back and calling the blue brand his new home.

Lacey Evans is… Over?


Yes. You read the caption correctly. Lacey Evans was over with the crowd as it looks like the trigger has been pulled and she is now the babyface of the blue brand. And hey, if it works, it works. “The Sassy Southern Belle” stood up to both Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley. Talk went back and forth before Lacey laid out Banks with a Women’s Right fist to the face as Bayley just stood there and watched.

SmackDown MVP: The “YES” officially is back

We got two Firefly Fun House matches in one night. The second saw Bray Wyatt and Huskus rap about the “Muscle Man Dance” and they talk about what Daniel Bryan has to do to fight “The Fiend”. It was rather must-see to really explain but ended with him informing Bryan to let him in before shutting down and Bryan watching on. Bryan was then in the locker room as The Miz let it be known that he is the only one to make it out of the match with “The Fiend” and not totally change. He is needed on SmackDown. But did a match with “The Fiend” change Daniel Bryan?

YES. At the end of SmackDown, the former WWE Champion and mega fan favorite made his way down to the ring and was not doing the “YES” or anything but instead had his Planet Champion stuff all intact. Then he grabbed the microphone. He discussed being changed and how all have been since “The Fiend’s” debut. He made it clear he felt changed. Not because of Wyatt, but because of the fans. The passion they had, then realized saying the “YES Movement” was dead. But he knew the fans could bring it back to life. Daniel Bryan, with the fans behind him as the “YES”, was officially back. As Bryan is doing it, the Firefly Fun House returned yet again and told Bryan The Miz was right. He will change. If he goes through with it, he will change.

Wyatt referenced the fact that Daniel is the reason Bray is the way he is now and reminded the world he promised a new face. He promised he was a man of his word and “The Fiend was here as he broke through the ring. The mandible claw was locked on as Bryan would be pulled under the ring and all we could say is “The Fiend” pulling off the hair of Bryan. The villainous champion continued to go back in and pulled more and more hair as SmackDown went off the air. The “YES” is back… but what has happened to Daniel Bryan? This cliffhanger will leave us waiting for weeks.

To say SmackDown wasn’t an eventful and impactful night would be us lying to ourselves. A show that saw the return of a hero possibly short-lived as he was dragged to the depths of hell, a “lady” supplant herself as the next challenger for Bayley, and Sheamus return with pain on his mind.

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