Raw Highlights Rundown – Kevin Owens Vs Drew McIntyre Thriller (11/18/19)

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Monday night was the night. The “go-home” edition for Monday Night Raw as we head into Survivor Series. The same show where Becky Lynch reached her peak of greatness one year ago as she stood tall with bloody face and all as she successfully beat down Ronda Rousey and set the world ablaze. So that being said, would Boston get the same treatment this year with NXT added in? Here are the highlights:

NXT And SmackDown Invade


The invasions have happened for weeks when it comes to NXT, as they’ve stocked their noses in any of Raw and SmackDown’s business. Bayley was the first to strike from the blue brand last week, as she showed up to both Raw and NXT. Now as we are just days away from the big show, it was time for both brands. Earlier in the night, the Lucha House Party ruined the Seth Rollins vs Andrade match, showing signs that SmackDown was in the house. Then NXT was there to protect Triple H and ultimately take out Kevin Owens when the time came. But it wasn’t the end of the show until we saw all three brands fighting. Who came out on top?

NXT of course. SmackDown started it as they began to beat down Raw in the back and eventually interrupted the main event between Randy Orton, Ricochet and The Viking Raiders. However, it wasn’t long until NXT made their way down to the ring and the arena was packed by the black and yellow brand. They cleared the ring as everyone from each show went at it. What were most of the noteworthy here? Triple H has welcomed both shows to NXT this week, saying the door is open. A fun week of work invasions is just getting started.

Raw MVP: Kevin Owens And Drew McIntyre Put On A Show

I brought up Kevin Owens earlier and I’m certainly bringing him up again. Two members of the Raw Men’s Survivor Series team went head to as Drew McIntyre took on KO. These two are great when it comes to being inside the ring and had one hell of a match last night. From Claymore Kicks to Pop-Up Powerbombs, all the way to a Future Shock DDT and two Stunners, this match was off the hook. It was kicking out after kick out. Survival after survival for these two. They put it all on the line to take down each other, and while they tried and Owens looked to get the victory after his second Stunner, Triple H interrupted the match and it would end in a draw. All we can say as fans? Gives this to us again, please.

The Invasion week is underway and while Raw is in no way the best version of these types of shows, it was a great start.

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