AEW Dynamite Highlights – Scorpio Sky Pins Chris Jericho (11/13/19)

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Following an incredibly eventful Full Gear by AEW, Wednesday night’s Dynamite live from Nashville, TN, provided the fall out from the show as old rivalries were renewed and new alliances solidified. Questions were answered. What would Cody do following his now-former friend and protege MJF turning on him? Plus, there was a huge championship match as the tag titles were on the line and an epic singles rubber match to top it all off. It was a great night for AEW. Here are the highlights.

Moxley Wins In Dominant Fashion, Puts Locker Room On Notice

To kick off the night, the doctor checked on Kenny Omega and told him to take the week off as he was not cleared for action. Wondering if Jon Moxley suffered the same fate, Omega was disappointed to learn the sadistic wrestler was in fact cleared and scheduled for a match. Moxley faced Michael Nakazawa in singles competition, a match that lasted all of two seconds before a Paradigm Shift DDT finished the match. Following the match, Mox called out the locker room and demanded someone step to him if they thought they could take on the baddest man in AEW. While he left with no answer right away, Moxley wouldn’t have to wait long to find his challenger.

Darby Allin Answers Moxley’s Challenge

Just read the subhead and you know the world is about to explode. Quite possibly the best, most insane talent in AEW, Darby Allin finally returned to TV after a lengthy absence and was pitted against Shawn Spears and Peter Avalon in triple threat action. Joey Janela made his way out and got the attention of Spears, suggesting their rivalry isn’t yet finished. It all came down to Allin and Avalon. It was not long before the Coffin Drop was hit by Allin and he picked up another big win. After the win, Allin grabbed the microphone, stared into the camera, and told Jon Moxley that he accepts. To make it perfectly clear to everyone, this will be insane as two psychopaths will eventually go to war next week.

Cody Goes After Chris Jericho & MJF… Wardlow Leaves Him Laying

MJF received the biggest rub of his career as he got the chance to share the ring and promo with Chris Jericho, one of the best in the world at what he does, and what he does is everything. MJF made his point clear. Cody didn’t want an ally, he wanted someone he could control and MJF refused to be kept down any longer. His main point was that Cody was, in fact, the bad guy in all of this, something that did not resonate with the fans of course, but was all part of the nuclear heat MJF has garnered. With Jericho looking on, MJF declared that he was the new face of AEW. The two then bickered back and forth about whether or not MJF would join the Inner Circle, something that was left hanging in the air as Cody approached the ring to target both men. As Cody got the upper hand, the debuting Wardlow appeared by the side of Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Burberry tie and all, clearly establishing the alliance between them. Cody was choked out, leaving MJF and Wardlow standing tall.

PAC Wins The Rubber Match Against Hangman Page

A rivalry that started prior to the first-ever AEW card has finally reached its conclusion (most likely) as PAC was victorious over Hangman Page in the rubber match, giving him two wins to Page’s one. The victory came when PAC got the cheap shot in on Page. He stomped his head down about 10 times before letting up. “The Bastard” then climbed to the top rope and hit the Black Arrow, before locking on the Brutalizer immediately to win what is likely the final match between these two, at least for now. Not so shockingly, PAC did not look pleased when it was over as he always felt Page was inferior to him. But now, with a strong win-loss record, PAC should continue to move up the rankings and perhaps even head toward a showdown with Le Champion.

Proud N Powerful Take Out The Young Bucks

The resident tag team of The Inner Circle, Santana and Ortiz, went to battle in the back with the Young Bucks eventually leading to it coming in front of the crowd. They attacked Nick Jackson‘s leg which left him on the sideline. Then, Matt Jackson met the same fate as Ricky Morton just a couple weeks ago when he was powerbombed through the stage. Clearly, this war between these two teams, as well as the Elite and the Inner Circle, is far from over.

Scorpio Sky Becomes The First Man To Pin Chris Jericho

Until last night, Chris Jericho had not lost a match in AEW as the AEW World Champion continued to find ways to win, by hook or by crook. This led to a AEW World Tag Team Championship match as Jericho and Sammy Guevara challenged the champions, SCU, in the main event of the night. Back and forth action was featured all match long until the closing moments. Christopher Daniels attempted a suicide dive on Jake Hager before being caught and taken out. In the end, it came down to Scorpio Sky and Chris Jericho, as Jericho caught Sky with a Codebreaker for a near fall. As the two men got to their feet, Sky rolled Jericho up with the small package to retain the titles for SCU and shockingly, become the first man in the company to pin the champ. This led Jericho to going insane and hitting everything in sight. If this were some other wrestling company, pinning the champ would surely earn Sky a future title shot, but in a land of win-loss records, it remains to be seen how AEW will handle something like this.

Dynamite of the Night: The Jurassic Express is BACK in Business

Cody gets probably the loudest reactions in all of AEW, but before the injury, the second closest was the one and only Luchasaurus. Now the question will never be answered to how far could of Jurassic Express could have gone had Luchasaurus remained healthy, but it no longer matters. What does matter is Luchasaurus is back. Following their match and loss to the Dark Order, Evil Uno attempted to sway Marko Stunt into joining him and Stu Grayson but Jungle Boy stepped in. This led to an ultimate beat down by the minions and The Dark Order. Music hit, the dinosaur roar came alive, and Luchasaurus returned to AEW to save his family. Kick here, kick there and Luchasaurus cleared the ring. All three hugged in the center of the ring and everything was right with the world.


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