Killer Kross and Moose War of Words Amplifies on Social Media


In modern wrestling, the use of Social Media has been utilized as a new tool of the new kayfabe – social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been used by wrestlers from multiple promotions to further storylines, create interest in programs, or maintain character. But for every storyline that has emerged or been enhanced by Social Media, sometimes these turn out to be legitimate beef between wrestlers and/or companies. In the past two weeks, IMPACT Wrestling‘s Moose and “in limbo” IMPACT star Killer Kross have found themselves in a battle of words and we’re not entirely sure if it’s real or not.

Two weeks ago, Moose chimed in on Killer Kross – who was simply stating his tag line of “Tick tock” – asking if he was “preparing to come back to work” or if he was just getting ready to “post another tweet bitching about your contract disputes”, in reference to Kross’ well-publicized legal issues with IMPACT Wrestling that has kept him off IMPACT television since Slammiversary this past July, where he lost to Eddie Edwards in a First Blood match.

While it appeared to be a short verbal spar between the two former locker room workmates, the war of words amplified on Tuesday when Moose once again jumped into Kross’ timelines. A Twitter fan suggested to Kross that he should attempt to work in Pro Wrestling NOAH to face Takashi Sugiura, which Kross was open to. But Moose had other ideas, saying it wasn’t a good idea because Kross was a “huge pussy”.

Dayton is referring to Dayton, Ohio, where both Killer Kross and Moose are both scheduled to work for Pro Wrestling Revolver for this Friday’s November to Member event. Killer Kross is scheduled to defend his Revolver Championship against Jessicka Havok, while Moose is part of a Hoss Fight four-way with Larry D, 1 Called Manders, and IMPACT’s Madman Fulton of OvE.  

While Moose seemed to indicate he’d find Kross at one of his shows this weekend (seemingly unaware he was booked on a show with him on Friday), Wrestling Revolver reminded Moose they’d be on the same card together Friday night, at which Moose responded “No disrespect, Sami” (Revolver is owned by IMPACT World Champion Sami Callihan) and stated he was going to “fuck him up” and that Sami could “just take me off the snow now to avoid drama.”

The new kayfabe of Social Media use has definitely added a twist to modern storytelling in pro wrestling, and without context or inflection, it’s hard to tell where the lines are blurred and when they’re black and white. Work or shoot, it will definitely make this Friday’s Wrestling Revolver show a little more interesting.

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