News broke earlier this year that Lance Storm would be shutting down the Storm Wrestling Academy, his highly respected academy has produced talents like Gisele Shaw, Brian Pillman JrDarren Kearney and many more.  Many fans were speculating what this meant for Storm’s future.  He has claimed on Twitter that he will be re-joining the WWE this time as a producer.

Lance Storm spent just five years in WWE after spells in WCW and ECW.  He was a multi-time tag team champion in both WWE and ECW and achieved midcard success in WCW as a multi-time United States Champion.  Storm was always touted as a really good worker that could get a good match out of anyone but lacked the charisma required to ever break into the main event scene.

With his return to WWE as a producer, he will get to use his strengths as an in-ring performer to help put together matches in WWE.

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