AEW Partnering with Rick and Morty for Special Halloween Episode of Dynamite Next Week

Rick and Morty AEW
Credit: TNT

Don’t change the dial on that interdimensional cable station known as TNT because on Wednesday, October 30th, All Elite Wrestling is pulling a page out of pro sports’ playbook as they are hosting a special Halloween themed Dynamite, complete with the popular cartoon duo, Rick and Morty. That’s right, Rick and Morty are All Elite and are coming to AEW Dynamite.

Wubba lubba dub dub, it’s a crossover special. Things are most certainly about to get schwifty in Charleston.

While the extent to which the cartoon will play into the episode is unknown, TNT’s website reads “considering how unpredictable Rick is, you never know where he might show up…”

A possible appearance from cartoon characters aside, all fans in attendance will receive one of four masks, three depicting various Ricks from the various dimensions/timelines/universes, and the fourth, a Morty. Because every Rick needs a Morty. Or perhaps every Morty needs a Rick. In an infinite multiverse, the rules can be very, very fluid. For those who won’t be in attendance, TNT and AEW have made it possible to join in the fun as fans can download and print out the four Rick and Morty inspired masks to wear while watching at home.

Rick and Morty AEW
Credit: TNT

The idea of a theme night complete with a promotional giveaway that just so happens to promote a show under the same network umbrella that is returning for its fourth season on November 10th feels more like something you would see within Major League Baseball than you would at a pro wrestling event. But that is part of what makes AEW so special. They are different and aren’t afraid to do some crazy things. And it doesn’t get much different or much crazier than giving thousands of your fans Rick and Morty masks to wear during the show.

Whether the promotion and the overall Halloween theme of the night are successful or not remains to be seen, but it is certainly one that already has, and will continue to have people talking. As Rick himself once said, “there are infinite Ricks in infinite timelines.” On Wednesday night, there won’t quite be infinite Ricks and they’ll only be in one timeline. But still looking out into a sea of several thousand people wearing Rick or Morty masks is going to make for great TV and even better screenshots for social media.

rick and morty aew
Credit: TNT


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