Preview: IMPACT Wrestling – Bound For Glory (10/20/19)

Bound For Glory
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On Sunday, October 20th, 2019, IMPACT Wrestling, the company that is just HARD TO KILL, is back with their biggest show of the year as IMPACT goes for ALL the GLORY with Bound For Glory. A show that is packed with 8 matches that are all set to deliver. What’s great about the show is that just about every match has a story invested.

Stars will be made, stars will return, and partnerships will strengthen as IMPACT isn’t just the only promotion representing their stars, but AAA Lucha Libre, who will have one it’s own stronger shows of the year the night before with Heroes Inmortales, Headlined by Fenix vs. Kenny Omega, and Dr. Wagner Jr. who will be involved in a Relevos Increibles match in a steel cage. And if that’s not all, Pro Wrestling NOAH will have representation on hand as the legendary Naomichi Marufuji will return to the promotion. Here’s MUCH MORE!

Preview – IMPACT! Wrestling Bound For Glory

IMPACT Wrestling World Championship – Brian Cage (C) vs. Sami Callihan 

Bound For Glory

A story that has taken a turn for probably the worst one can get. Sami Callihan will face off against “The Machine”, Brian Cage for Cage’s world title. After coming off a successful victory over the ever-talented Tessa Blanchard in a number one contenders match for Cage’s title, Sami has had his eyes set on the big man and much more.

First, it began with Cage and Melissa Santo’s wedding, when Callihan was not invited to the ceremony. However, during the reception, an awoken nightmare was set to take place right in front of Cage’s eyes when a drunken Callihan interrupted the wedding reception and a had a few words for Cage, it was then when we saw the unthinkable and a champagne bottle was smashed over the head of none other than Melissa Santos, after Cage dodged the blow from Sami.

Needless to say, this enraged the machine, and revenge clouded Cage’s mind. Last week on IMPACT Wrestling, Cage made his way at the conclusion of the show with one thing in mind, to destroy OVE, but even the machine couldn’t take down the powerful foursome. Sami and crew would wind up handcuffing Cage to the ropes, and Cage, defiantly welcoming a punishment from Callihan, was saved by his newlywed, Melissa Santos, who begged Sami and team to stop. This would not go over well with OVE and a new low even for Callihan followed when Callihan GRABBED Melissa Santos and pile drove her into the mat right in front of the subdued machine.

What will happen when these two finally get their hands on each other at Bound For Glory? Will Cage decimate Callihan and get all the revenge and more that he seeks after the near destruction of his family? or will Callihan get the best of the infuriated Brian Cage and become the new IMPACT Wrestling world champion?

Naomichi Marufuji vs. Michael Elgin

Since coming to IMPACT Wrestling, Michael Elgin has destroyed nearly every opponent he faces and sends them all to the hospital. A joyful moment for Elgin every time someone goes to a hospital. However, Michael Elgin was not satisfied. On a recent episode of IMPACT Wrestling Elgin called out someone who he hasn’t faced and wanted to have the privilege of putting him into a hospital.

That person, Naomichi Marufuji. Marufuji is considered the face of Pro Wrestling NOAH. A legend who is a master of Japanese strong style, and someone who has faced the best talent in the world. At “Prelude to Glory” Michael Elgin received a taste of what Marufuji is about and could very well have his hands full this coming Sunday. What will result from this encounter between two men who practice the art of strong style? Will Elgin be triumphant in putting Marufuji to the hospital? Or will Marufuji be able to shut Elgin down?

Moose vs. Ken Shamrock

Bound For Glory

The first IMPACT Wrestling world champion in history returns to where it all began for the promotion, as Ken Shamrock is Bound For Glory and faces off against Moose. What started off as a tweet exchange between the two of them, ended up as a rivalry that’s being perceived as an NFL 5 star athlete versus a legendary MMA fighter in Ken Shamrock. Moose has continuously called out Ken Shamrock, visiting Ken Shamrock’s gym, dismantling fellow MMA colleagues of Shamrock and most recently, beating a fellow UFC Hall Of Famer, Stephan Bonnar.

Will MMA be on top in this particular match on Sunday? or will the NFL 5 star athlete get the best of the former IMPACT Wrestling world heavyweight champion?

The Rascalz (Trey, Dez & Wentz) vs. Dr. Wagner Jr., Aerostar, and Black Taurus

AAA Lucha Libre is in the house, as 3 of the promotions best are on hand. Dr. Wagner Jr. who recently wrestled on a recent episode of IMPACT Wrestling stated after his match that he would be back for the big show. The night before, he will be involved in a big match down in Mexico and then flies to Chicago for IMPACT’s biggest show, but he’s not alone as Aerostar will be involved in the Antonio Pena Cup match will also endure the travel. But the wild card in this match will be Taurus, due to him not having a match the night before.

The fantastic trio of The Rascalz could have the advantage here as they’ve wrestled numerous times together, but with Taurus at hand, who knows what the result could be on this night. Will team IMPACT go over successfully? or will team AAA be the victors in this match?

IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Championship – Taya Valkyrie (C) vs. Tenille Dashwood

Bound For Glory

The longest reigning IMPACT Wrestling knockouts champ, Taya, has been on a  roll beating every woman in the knockouts division. However, a new face has emerged recently who Taya hasn’t faced and this knockout claims that this moment is “all about her”, Tenille Dashwood.

Dashwood, coming over from ROH Wrestling, has quickly made a big splash in what is arguably the best women’s division in all of pro-wrestling, the IMPACT Knockouts division. Dashwood made her debut recently in Fronton, Mexico making a quick impact. She then defeated the so-called “Locker Room Leader”, Madison Rayne to get her shot at the IMPACT Knockouts Championship. Could we see a new Knockouts champ this Sunday in Tenille Dashwood? or will Taya continue her winning ways and continue history by setting more records as the champ?

The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs. Rhino & RVD vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

The North has quickly solidified themselves as the best tag team in IMPACT Wrestling after defeating the former champions, LAX (Santana & Ortiz) in Mexico and ending their careers. Since then, the North has in convincing fashion defeated every tag team that they have had to face. But as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”, and The North, being the world tag champs, have to defend that power as they have their toughest test to date when they face two grizzled vets that go all the way to the original ECW and a tag team that can easily become tag champs with just 3 seconds at any time the opportunity lies.

Could The North find a way out and come out on top this Sunday? or Will they fail and lose their titles to one of their opposing teams?

Call Your Shot Gauntlet

Bound For Glory

The Call Your Shot Gauntlet is a new concept created by only the incomparable creative team over at IMPACT Wrestling. Here are the rules for this new match:

The match starts with 2 athletes and every minute another wrestler joins the match. An elimination happens when a wrestler is thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. When the match is down to the final 2, it becomes a traditional wrestling match and you can win by pinfall or submission.

When the winner is decided they get to challenge for any Championship on the IMPACT! Wrestling roster. The Call Your Shot Gauntlet is open to the men and the IMPACT knockouts. The match could be the stealer of the night. But who will win? and could it shape the end of Bound For Glory? Find out, this Sunday.

X-Division Ladder Match – Jake Christ (C) vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Daga vs. Ace Austin vs. Surprise Opponent 

The Golden Draw, Jake Christ has his hands full as he defends his X-Division title against 4 other opponents. What’s worse, he doesn’t even know who one of those 4 is until this Sunday. Ever since defeating Rich Swann for the X-Division title, Christ has dubbed himself the Golden Draw, and has had tremendous success in all his matches.

However, of his opponents, Tessa Blanchard has had her eyes on the X-Division title and has had a grueling war with all of OVE. On the go-home edition of  IMPACT Wrestling, Tessa vowed that she would become the new champion and would then go after Sami Callihan right after. But, there are other participants in this match such as the recently signed Daga and Ace Austin, who has recently had his hands full with Eddie Edwards. Who will come out as the victor in this match? Will Jake Christ continue through Bound For Glory as the Golden Draw, or will we see a new X-Division champion?

Stay tuned to the Last Word on Pro Wrestling for more on this and other stories from around the world of wrestling, as they develop. You can always count on LWOPW to be on top of the major news in the wrestling world, as well as to provide you with analysis, previews, videos, interviews, and editorials on the wrestling world.  Bound For Glory can be seen on Fite TV and for an audio preview check out our latest offering from Everything Pro Wrestling


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