Uncharted Territory Season 2 Episode 2 Recap (10/10/19)

Uncharted Territory
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While the Wednesday Night Wars rage on the best of independent wrestling is every Thursday night when Beyond and IWTV host Uncharted Territory Season 2. If you missed out of the first season don’t worry because every episode acts as a stand-alone episode showcasing some of the best talents from around the US. If you thought the indies were finished take a deep breath, relax and watch Uncharted Territory every Thursday night. 

Nick Gage Open Challenge: Nick Gage vs John Silver 

Last week Nick Gage announced he wanted to face anyone who was brave enough to challenge him. So this week it the Nick Gage open challenge was issued. Beyond regular and former tag team Ace John Silver answered the challenge. Silver has been having a rough go of it since breaking up with his tag team partner Alex Reynolds last season and losing to him and also losing to Kimber Lee at All Hands on Deck. Silver was looking to get a win by going one on one with Nick Gage. 

Eddie Kingston joined this match on commentary and boy is he great as a commentatory. Kingston breaks down perfectly why certain moves are effective and why they are done at all. Seriously a real treat to have him call this with Paul Crockett. The match started with some wrestling and it was interesting because Gage gets typecast as a “deathmatch guy” but is still a pretty good straight wrestler. John Silver got some hard kicks in as he is a trained kickboxer. About midway through the match, it turned into a classic Nick Gage match with doors and chairs being added to the ring. John Silver placed a broken door over Nick Gage and hit a double stomp. John Silver’s losing streak continued when Gage put him through a door set up between two chairs with a pile driver from the top rope. Off-screen John silver through a fit about losing another match. 

Bear Country vs Mike Verna and Rex Lawless 

Bear Country were one of the breakout stars during season one of Uncharted Territory defeating LAX (now PNP) at last year Americanrana ‘19. But after losing to Team Tremendous at All Hands On Deck the team was looking to get a big win. They were taking on Mike Verna and Rex Lawless also known as The Closers in Chikara. This was a straight up hoss fight between two teams weighing in well over 400 pounds. Despite the size of these four men they still wrestled like much faster and smaller wrestlers would. These two teams ended up breaking the ring and Bear Country picked up the win with an Elevator Slam. They then grabbed the mic and called out every single team in Beyond including Nerder Death Kill. Hopefully, that match will be coming up soon. 

DL Hurst vs Chuck O’Neil 

Chuck O’Neil came out to Childish Gambino and so much booing you could barely hear him cut his promo but he kept moving forward with it. O’Neil talked about how he had the fastest submission of the season and the fastest knockout and said he deserved a shot on the Independent Wrestling Championship.

 DL Hurst is a great example of how Beyond is trying to make new stars. At All Hands on Deck Hurst just came to help set up the ring and ended up in a match for the Independent Wrestling Championship against WARHORSE and Wheeler YUTA. Chuck O’Neil spent a lot of the match working on DL’s arm getting it ready for his armbar finisher. O’Neil hit a huge knee. DL Hurst hit an iconoclasm from the top rope then hit a spear. O’Neil matches were pretty onesided for most of the last season but DL Hurst really held his own. DL took a german off the top rope. Then Dl Hurst went for a move off the top, missed and jammed his knee pretty bad. O’Neil quickly capitalized on it by locking in a kneebar getting the win. 

I could certainly see a WARHORSE vs Chuck O’Neil match coming up soon based off of O’Neil’s promo and man that match would certainly be good. 

Club Cam 

This is a gauntlet style four-person verse four-person teams. The rules are one member of each team faces off against another if they are beaten the next person from that team comes out. It was confusing and honestly, I hope Beyond just does a Survivor Series match soon. 

Angel Sinclair is out first she is taking on Richard Holliday. Holliday works over Sinclair’s wrist with a wrist lock. Angel Sinclair gets her Big Booty Judy but Holliday pins her shortly after. 

Ava Everett is out next. Holliday taunts her by offering to leave the ring. Ava gets some offense in but Richard Holliday pins Ava after a huge powerbomb. Anthony Greene quickly pins Richard Holliday with a roll-up. Kenn Doane is out next. Anthony Greene comes off the top for a sunset flip but Ken Doane turns it around and holds the rope for a pinfall. Josh Briggs has to take on the rest of Club Cam. Greene is slow to go back which helps Josh Briggs pin, Ken Doane. Next out is Christan Casanova. These two were a lot of fun to watch face off against each other and hopefully they get a singles match. Casanova tried to take Briggs down with quick ariel moves but Briggs was too big for it. Slowly Casanova worked him down though and was able to hit a Code Breaker. Out of nowhere Thomas Sharpe comes out and interferes and joins Club Cam and getting them the win. 

Club Cam looks like they will only be getting bigger as they spend more time together. I imagine they have big plans for the remainder of Uncharted Territory. 

Wheeler YUTA vs Ace Austin 

Wheeler YUTA is a good bet to be the breakout star during season two of Uncharted Territory. His season one was also great. He was able to bet Solo Darling and Chuck Taylor went most of the season undefeated. While he kicked off this season with a loss to Chris Dickinson still expect big things from him. This match had some good back and forth action the best spot was Ace Austin using a card to cut inbetween in fingers of YUTA which Sindey Bakabella sold like it was death. Wheeler locked in a submisson and got the win to go 1-1 during Uncharted Territory season 2. 

Discovery Gauntlet: Tony Deppen vs 1 Called Manders 

If you haven’t discovered Tony Deppen yet you certainly should. Deppen is a Chikara and GCW regular and is now making himself known in front of the Beyond crowd. 1 Called Manders also looks like he is setting himself up to have a break out year. These two had an awesome match it had everything boogers shooting, ear-biting, the Deppen Drop, lots of near falls. If you check out one thing from this night’s show this should be it. Just a really great match and a great introduction to both wrestlers if you don’t know them. Tony Deppen ended up getting the win and looks to be facing AJ Gray in next weeks Discovery Gauntlet. 

After the match, Deppen talked about how no one including his own wife thought he should have taken Matt Makowski’s spot at the last Uncharted Territory but he made it clear no matter clear he has no plans on leaving. Honestly, it is hard to imagine anyone beating Tony Deppen anytime soon. 

Puf called out Brandon Thurston who is one of the trainers at his school but never wanted anything to do with Puf writing him off as a joke. Puf said next week he would take on Thurston at next weeks Uncharted Territory and when he won he wanted Jay Freddie to get the rematch he deserved. 

Milk Chocolate vs Team Pazuzu 

Milk Chocolate went 0-5 last season of Uncharted Territory. They kicked off season two wearing president masks and attacking Chris Dickinson after his match in an effort to join Club Cam. Dickinson was saved by his Team Pazuzu partner Pinkie Sanchez. It would certainly seem like this match would just be a blowout and a chance for Sanchez to make his Uncharted Territory introduction but it was actually a very even match for most of it. Milk Chocolate were a much more seasoned tag team and it showed. Pazuzu started to fire on all cylinders and got the win. 

Club Cam came out to tell Milk Chocolate they weren’t allowed in Club Cam. Chris Dickinson called them “fuckos” and challenged Christan Casanova at Beyond’s upcoming Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Eddie Kingston vs Timothy Thacher 

There are very few dream matches left in the independents. Not just carnies scamming you with “dream match” real first time ever dream matches. This was a match Eddie Kingston always wanted. A match that he begged other promotions to have. A match that should’ve headlined an EVOLVE show but it didn’t this dream match came together at Uncharted Territory. 

To break down everything these two wrestlers did would be hard. They had a hard-hitting match. They grappled back and forth. It was intricate. It was nuanced.  It was really great. Easily one of the best matches from all of Uncharted Territory. Thacher was able to pick up the win.

Afterwords Kingston grabbed the mic and said he missed his the friend he lost to suicide Larry Sweeny. He told the fans to get help if they needed it to talk to anyone. How we all of wrestling. Then he called out John Silver, but not in the way you are thinking. He told John Silver that they were family. John Silver had come to Eddie Kingston’s house for Thanksgiving. Eddie told Silver he didn’t like the wrestler he was turning into and that even though he had some tough loses silver needed to work past that and get some wins. The two hugged in the middle of the ring. Eddie Kingston is good at every single part of wrestling.

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