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Sodom And Gomorrah
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Beyond has just kicked off season two of Uncharted Territory and will be making their debut in Asbury Park, New Jersey for Sodom and Gomorrah. Beyond will be teaming up with indie wrestling titans GCW to put back to back shows in House of Independent. While they still have 16 weeks left of Uncharted Territory Beyond is putting some of it’s best match up together for this card. Check out Sodom and Gomorrah streaming on at 2:20 pm this Saturday afternoon. 

Independent Wrestling Championship: WARHORSE (C) vs Orange Cassidy 

Sodom And Gomorrah

Black Label Pro was hosting the Turbo Graps and Erick Stevens was supposed to face a mystery opponent. That opponent was Orange Cassidy who decided to put his Independent Championship on the line. Erick Stevens beat Cassidy and would go on to defend the title for the rest of the tournament. WARHORSE was able to beat Steven and becomes the NEW champion. WARHORSE defended the title at All Hands on Deck against DL Hurst and Wheeler YUTA and at SUP against Matthew Justice, both matches have been great. 

At the first episode of Uncharted Territory season two Orange Cassidy beat Thomas Santell and grabbed the mic after the match. The AEW star told the fans he wasn’t going anywhere and that WARHORSE has his title and he wanted it back. Orange Cassidy will be looking to become a three-time Independent Wrestling Champion 

Nick Gage vs Addy Star 

This match is probably going to be insane. Nick Gage has gone on a run in Beyond like none other. His Nerder Death Kill team has been undefeated and the last time he has lost a singles match in Beyond in a while as well. Gage’s matches always end with doors and chairs being destroyed in the ring and Addy Star who will be making her Beyond debut is no stranger to deathmatches. Don’t expect Nick Gage to go easy on Addy Star, don’t expect Nick Gage to go easy on anyone. 

John Silver vs Erick Stevens 

Sodom And Gamorrah

Erick Stevens made his return to pro wrestling after almost ten years away at an episode of Uncharted Territory Season 1. Since then the former Ring of Honor star announced that he will wrestle for one more year and then hang up his boots for good this time. Stevens will return to Beyond for Sodom and Gomorrah and take on John Silver. John Silver has been having a rough couple of months. He broke up with his tag team partner Alex Reynolds during Uncharted Territory season two and he lost to that same former partner at Americanrana ‘19. At Beyond’s beach show All Hands on Deck John Silver had a hard-hitting match against Kimber Lee, he also came up short. Then on the second episode of season two of Uncharted Territory, he lost to Nick Gage after which he had an off-screen breakdown. At the end of the show, Eddie Kingston called him out and told Silver that he wanted to see him get back to his winning ways. John Silver will try to start that win streak going by taking on Erick Stevens at Sodom and Gomorrah. Stevens is a plenty hard hitter himself and neither man will be looking to take the loss so expect these two to really go all out in this match. 

Kris Statlander vs Matthew Justice 

What Beyond does best is take two wrestlers that are both fantastic and put them in a match that you never knew you wanted to see but really need to see. Matthew Justice and Kris Stratlander is very much this match. These two have been taking the independent scene by storm. Statlander has spent a lot of time in Beyond. Her matches with Joey Janela was one of Seasons one’s best. Her match last week with Nick Gage will be hard to top this season. Plus her and Kimber Lee had one of the best matches of the night on a stacked Americanrana ‘19 card in a main eventing cage match.  Matthew Justice has also been breaking out in 2019. Later that night at the GCW show he will take on Nick Gage for the GCW Championship. Kris has a talent for copying her opponent’s moves and their are plenty of high places to jump off from in the House of Independent so you can expect someone will be jumping from a high place during this match. 

Six Man Backyard Wrestling Summit: Alex Zayne vs Johnny Cockstrong vs Tony Deppen vs Eric Corvis vs Daniel Makabe vs Steve West 

Sodom And Gamorrah

Beyond has always thrived off of using backyard wrestling talent. While this match won’t take place anywhere near a backyard these six men who started their careers wrestling in backyards will meet to see who is the best. Tony Deppen and Alex Zayne met at GCW’s backyard show in one of the most talked about matches of the summer that blew Alex Zayne up to superstardom. Johnny Cockstrong is a fairly regular Beyond wrestler. While Daniel Makabe has made a name for himself as one of the best technical wrestlers in North America, he is coming off of wrestling in WxW only last week. All six of these men will be looking to put on a show and be able to call themselves the best backyard wrestler of the year. 

Chris Dickinson vs Christan Casanova 

Chris Dickinson has been plowing through the members of Club Cam. At All Hands on Deck he beat Ken Doane and pretty much every other member as well. After his match against Wheeler YUTA, Milk Chocolate helped Club Cam attack Dickinson who was saved by his team Pazuzu partner Pinkie Sanchez. Team Pazuzu defeated Milk Cholate and Club Cam came out after the match which lead to Dickinson calling out Christan Casanova. Casanova has been wrestling on the East coast for a while now winning titles in Northeast Wrestling along with other places. He ended Thomas Santell’s run at Uncharted Territory. You would have to go pretty far back to find the last time Chris Dickinson lost a singles match in Beyond. Last season of Uncharted Territory he plowed through Josh Briggs, Matthew Justice, Erick Stevens, and Daisuke Sakimoto. It will be hard to imagine Casanova beating him. 

The Butcher and the Blade vs Team Tremendous 

Sodom And Gomorrah

Team Tremendous picked up a huge win over Bear Country at All Hands On Deck after attacking them at the end of Americanrana ‘19. Team Tremendous has changed from the funny guys pretending to be cops to badasses who just want to fight. They will look to continue in their winning ways against another team that made their debut during Uncharted Territory season 1 The Butcher and the Blade. The team of Every Time I Die’s guitarist Andy Williams and seasoned veteran Pepper Parks. These two put together quite the body of work over the course of season 1 including a match against the Rock N Roll Express. These four big boys will look to put the hurt on each other and to get that much closer to calling themselves the Ace’s of Beyond.  

Thomas Santell vs Ken Doane 

In 2006 both these wrestlers were on the WWE roster. Ken Doane was on the Spirit Squad while Thomas Santell was a Heartthrob. Thirteen years later and these two are very different from their WWE characters. Thomas Santell was a breakout star during the Discovery Gauntlet where he went on a 7 week win streak. Once he lost he started to team with Nick Gage and the two have yet to be defeated. Ken Doane harassed the fans and Beyond management for weeks during Uncharted Territory towards the end of the season he started teaming with Club Cam. These two both wrestle technical styles and seeing how they match up will be much more different than a Velocity Spirit Squad vs Heart Throbs match. 

Bear Country vs VSK and Alex Reynolds W/Mark Sterling 

Sodom And Gomorrah

Bear Country were supposed to face off against the Hooligans but cards are subject to change. So instead they will be taking on VSK and Alex Reynolds managed by Mark Sterling. Both VSK and Alex Reynolds are tag team specialists but not with each other. Over the course of Season 1 of Uncharted Territory both of these two broke up with their tag team partners and will now be looking to take on Beyond’s tag team Ace’s with new partners and the help of Mark Sterling. 

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