CM Punk Confirms WWE Backstage Rumors

CM Punk

On a recent edition of Collider Live, CM Punk was asked about him doing backstage work behind the scenes at FOX for their upcoming new analyst show, WWE Backstage. We first reported back on a recent “Card Subject To Change” of the rumors of a CM Punk return to the WWE Universe. While not quite with WWE, CM Punks name has been mentioned quite often since the news broke and it seems we may be seeing the former champion sooner rather than later.

CM Punk Confirms WWE Backstage Rumors

Here’s what Punk said:

“Yeah I did it… um, I’m, this goes back to a position in my life where I’m like, what do you got? You know, I’m very much in a position where I’m like, “Well talk to me”. I’m open to anything, and if they come at me and they’re like, hey we want you to wrestle, i’m gonna be like, no…I’ve grown so much as a person. And I look back at all the stuff and I don’t need the confrontation, I don’t need the drama, but I’m a businessman…”

“My agents got me on the phone and they’re like, “Hey FOX wants to present, that ya know, FOX spent a lot of money getting the rights for what I understand, just Smackdown. I thought it was the whole thing, I thought they were getting the TV rights for WWE so it’s insane…what did they spend, 4 and a half billion, that’s a lot of money.”

“My agents just called me and they’re like, FOX is throwing everything at this cause they spent a lot of money on this and they’re all in and they have to make it work, they reached out and want to know if you…i think originally and i thought it was like a WWE thing and I was like, no, and they’re like, this is FOX, and I was just like, Okay, and they explained to me what it was and I love Renee Young… and it’s like along the lines of what I do for CFSC but I prefaced it and said, guys I’m not gonna dump all over stuff just to dump on it, you know like I said, that’s old Phil, but if it’s bad I’m not gonna pretend like it’s anything but bad. So they want to present it like it’s a real sport and just have a show that recaps stuff, just like they do with they do with the NFL…”

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