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Stardom Tag League
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There is no rest for the weary as Stardom goes straight from the 5 Star Grand Prix to the Goddesses Of Stardom Tag League.  The twelve teams are split into two blocks of six with the eventual winners getting a shot at the Goddesses Of Stardom tag team champions Konami and Jungle Kyona.  Alongside some regulars, we also have the newly signed Session Moth MartinaZoe Lucas, and Bobbi Tyler making their returns to Stardom.

Goddesses Of Stardom Tag League 2019 Red Goddesses

Oedo Tai (Hazuki & Natsuko Tora)

Stardom Tag League

The Assault commander of Oedo Tai teaming with the absolute wrecking ball known as Natsuko Tora.  Tora didn’t do too well in the recent GP so once would expect her to take the pins in their matches but Hazuki could earn them some points.

Jamie Hayter & Bea Priestley

A ragtag team of Oedo Tai’s Jamie Hayter and Queen’s Quest’s Bea Priestley.  Priestley being the Wonder Of Stardom champion is usually booked well in Stardom so we can expect Hayter to take more pins.  Stardom is high on Jamie though so those defeats could be few and far between.  We may be looking at our winners here.

Queen’s Quest (Momo Watanabe & AZM)

One of the holders of the tag league Watanabe teams with the breakout star of the 5 Star GP AZM.  AZM impressed everyone with her showings in the GP after being a late replacement for Kasey Owens and she even finished with 8 points.  With that renewed push a team of her and Watanabe could be dangerous although it has to be said AZM will take the pins here.

Riho & Starlight Kid

Stardom Tag League

An exciting team of High Speed champion, and potentially the AEW Women’s champion, Riho and fellow high speed competitor Starlight Kid.  Riho is still unbeaten in Stardom and while that is expected to end during this tournament it’s hard to see her taking the pin in any match.  They may end up in the finals but it’s tough to see this team winning the entire league.

STARS (Mayu Iwatani & Saki Kashima)

Former Goddesses of Stardom Champions “The Icon Of Stardom” Mayu Iwatani and Saki Kashima.  Both women are successful tag team wrestlers with previous tag title runs and Mayu is a former winner of the Goddesses Of Stardom Tag League.  Kashima is usually the pin eater in this team and while Mayu is a main event star she isn’t being pushed so it’s not likely we see them win the league.

Tokyo Cyber Squad (Konami & Jungle Kyona)

Stardom Tag League

The current Goddesses Of Stardom tag team champions and a surprising inclusion given Kyona’s recent injury.  It’s unlikely we see the champions win especially in such a tough block but one would expect them to be in the hunt.  Konami, since committing full time, has been the more pushed member of the team so expect Kyona to take the pins.

Goddesses Of Stardom Tag League 2019 Blue Goddesses

3838 Tag (Saya Iida & Saya Kamitani)

Big Saya teams with bigger Saya to form the most menacing team in wrestling history.  Both debuted within the last 12 months and in that time have been impressive.  The blue block is lighter in terms of quality so they aren’t as likely to go winless but rookie teams don’t usually prosper in the Stardom tag league.

Tokyo Cyber Squad (Bobbi Tyler & Zoe Lucas)

Stardom Tag League

Another team of gaijins this time representing Tokyo Cuber Squad.  Neither Lucas or Tyler has received much of a push in Stardom but Tyler was the more protected of the two during their last tour so Lucas will likely take the pins.  They’ll finish in the middle of the pack more than likely

Tokyo Cyber Squad (Hana Kimura & Death Yama-San)

Stardom Tag League

The winner of the GP teaming with the former High Speed champion Death Yama-San.  Hana could be going into this one as World Of Stardom champion and with the recent GP victory is a clear star for the company so she won’t be the one taking pins here.  Yama-San is at the point where losses don’t hurt her so she’ll take the pins and we predict she’ll take quite a few.

Oedo Tai (Kagetsu & Andras Miyagi)

One of the few already established teams in their block Kagetsu and Andras have to be favourites in their block.  The two former Sendai Girls wrestlers have been losing challengers for the titles earlier this year but you can never rule out Kagetsu.

STARS (Arisa Hoshiki & Tam Nakano)

Stardom Tag League

Hoshiki asked for this, it might not end well for her but she wanted it.  Ever since Hoshiki came back it’s been very clear that Tam isn’t her biggest fan.  They had a heated match over the Wonder Of Stardom championship just a few months ago where they took each other to the limit.  Now they’re teaming together they pose a threat to any team in the tournament but may fall foul of one another if things go wrong.

Oedo Tai (Session Moth Martina & Natsu Sumire)

The dream team has returned!  Last year one of the highlights of the tag league was Martina and Natsu’s antics.  They had a formula down to a tee for unique, fun matches.  Since then both have improved a lot with Natsu giving it her all in the GP while Martina has been killing it in Europe all year.  Expect comedy but be prepared for some good matches too.  They won’t win their block but they’ll entertain for sure.

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