Brainbusta Radio Presents: wRestling Reverb: “It’s Going to Be Hard to Change the Channel”

wRestling Reverb

Brainbusta Radio Presents is an ongoing podcast feature that showcases the best in the network of podcasts from around the world hosted by Brainbusta Radio! This features wRestling Reverb taking a POSITIVE look at NXT on USA and more as WWE makes big moves going into Autumn

After the first NXT on USA episode, Josh and Kevin speak about the POSITIVITY surrounding pro wrestling this Autumn. With the WWE juggernaut providing a new horizon this October, we expect to see several changes regarding the WWE Draft, Brock v Kofi and more.

Regardless of your preferred wrestling brand, wRestling Reverb brings an unbiased look at the changes coming soon!

wRestling Reverb always focuses on the positive of pro wrestling. The boys also give opinions on AEW, Hell in a Cell and more! Make Friday’s your Reverb Day every week!

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