And The Oscar Goes To Ice Ribbon 9/14 2019’s Show Of The Year:

Ice Ribbon
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When it comes to Joshi Pro Wrestling there are few companies more loaded with talent than Ice Ribbon.  While they can often go under the radar due to their lack of English language accessibility this is one show that everyone should see.  From top to bottom Ice Ribbon’s September 14th visit to Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium 3 is one of the best show’s of the year.  Here are just a few reasons why you NEED to see this show.

Cross-Promotional Dream Match

Photo: Ice_News

Two of the absolute best wrestlers in the world right now going head to head in a match that very few people were expecting to see.  Tsukasa Fujimoto is the most recognizable name on the Ice Ribbon roster as she won the 2019 Tokyo Sports award for best Joshi wrestler which should say a lot about just how good she is.  Trained in part by Manami Toyota and Emi Sakura the 11-year veteran takes inspiration from both with her unique in-ring style.  Fujimoto can strike with the best of them but can also pull out some unorthodox maneuvers.  Saree is more than happy to trade strikes with Fujimoto and will look to unleash her array of suplexes on her opponent.

Not only is this a great in-ring clash it’s also a match between the biggest star in Ice Ribbon and the Sendai Girls world champion and the ace of World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana, the first time the two have shared the ring since 2017 and only their second singles match, with the last taking place in 2016.  (Based on

Here’s a free match involving Fujimoto to give everyone a taste of her abilities

And here is one from Sareee

A New Champion Will Be Crowned

Ice Ribbon
Photo: Ice Ribbon

Risa Sera and Maya Yukihi clash in the finals of a tournament to crown the new ICExInfinty (ICEX∞) Champion.  The title was vacated after Yukihi fought Fujimoto to a time limit draw in August.  Since then there has been a tournament to crown a new champion with Sera and Yukihi emerging as the finalists.  When it comes to Ice Ribbon Sera and Yukihi are two of the top main eventers in the company.  To make things more interesting Yukihi and Sera know each other inside and out as they are part of a tag team called Azure Revolution.  This is the first singles match between these two since 2017 and you can be sure that both women will bring their all to become ICExInfinty champion.

Here’s a free match involving Yukihi to get a taste of her skills

And here is one for Sera

This LOADED Trios Match

Ice Ribbon
Photo: Ice_News

This six person tag match is loaded with talent on both sides.  On one side you have Aja Kong, one of the best wrestlers of all time and someone still capable of putting on great matches despite her age.  Also on that team is the controversial Yoshiko, she plays her role as the serious bully very well and has put on great matches this year for SEAdLINNNG and was also involved in some very fun matches against Takumi Iroha in early 2019 as the two built to a match at Marvelous’ third anniversary show, which we presume was great but has never aired.  The final member of the team is Akane Fujita who is only interested in dry strike exchanges that are guaranteed to get the blood pumping.

They face a team of equally impressive hosses/strikers.  Rina Yamashita is a freelancer with some of the hardest strikes in Joshi and has unbelievable athleticism to boot, the exchanges between her and Yoshiko are sure to be highlights of the match.  Hiragi Kurumi is another hard hitter that often flies under the radar but her recent singles match with Fujimoto was proof of her abilities.  Himeka Arita is a bit of a cult favourite among the Joshi fandom but she too will not be out of place in this match and may end up impressing more than anyone else.

Take out word for it if you like hard hitting pro wrestling then this match is the one for you as all six are fantastic wrestlers with a mix of strikers and agile power junior style wrestlers.

This Insane Triangle Ribbon Match

Ice Ribbon
Photo: Ice_News

This is a crazy match altogether.  When in the world will you get Ram Kaichow from 666, Deathmatch legend Jun Kasai and the weird and wonderful Jiro Kuroshiro in a match for a Joshi triple threat match title.  While the other matches are all serious pro wrestling contests this one will satisfy those that want something a bit more out there.

Full Card

Kaori Yoneyama, Satsuki Totoro, Rina Shingaki & Banny Oikawa vs Kyuuri, Maika Ozaki, Saori Anou & Tae Honma

Asahi vs Suzu Suzuki

3-Way Triangle Ribbon Championship Match: Miyagko Matsumoto (C) & Jun Kasai vs Hideki Suzuki & Chairwoman Ram vs Uno Matsuya & Jiro Kuroshiro

Marcela & Kaho Kobayashi vs Tsukishi & Makoto

Aja Kong, Yoshiko & Akane Fujita vs Rina Yamashita, Hiragi Jurumi & Himeka Arita

Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Sareee

International Ribbon Tag Team Championship Match: Burning RAW (Tequila Saya & Giulia) (C) vs Hamuko Hoshi & Ibuki Hoshi

ICExInfinity Championship Tournament Final: Risa Sera vs Maya Yukihi

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