Chris Jericho Thoughts On A Few AEW Talents From ALL OUT

Chris Jericho
Photo: AEW

On Wednesday’s Talk Is Jericho the new AEW World Heavyweight Champion gave a behind the scenes look at ALL OUT. Here are a few thoughts Chris Jericho provided on Orange Cassidy, Kenny Omega and PAC, and Shawn Spears.

Chris Jericho on Orange Cassidy:

“Orange Cassidy, very controversial. A lot of people hate him. I LOVE HIM!, I’ll tell you the reason why… anytime you can do something different in the wrestling world and get a reaction… that’s what wrestlings all about, you know. I would actually like to work with this guy…imagine when he flips out and beats the crap out of someone and show some real genuine emotion. This guy knows what he’s doing. You have to be a good worker, to get that sort of stuff over. 

Photo: AEW

Chris Jericho on the Kenny Omega and PAC match and both competitors being mad at the match:

“And afterward both Kenny and PAC were mad because their match just went too long and they ran out of time and they had to cut a bunch of stuff and they were not happy about it, and meanwhile, it’s like the best match on the show…I remember one of the guys (PAC or Kenny Omega) was like “that match was terrible, the worst match of my career”, and I’m like, it’s impossible for Kenny Omega and PAC to have a bad match and it’s impossible for them to have a match that’s like the worst…but this is something that everyone will have to learn it’s something that a lot of guys don’t have the experience of live T.V. and the specifics of hard timelines…”

Photo: AEW

Chris Jericho on Shawn Spears and the proper way of utilizing him:

“We’ve done a great job of building Shawn Spears, you don’t bring a guy like Shawn Spears or a guy like Hangman Page and put em’ over the very first night. You build them as stars, you put them in great spots… no one really knew who Shawn Spears was, unless you watched NXT which I don’t and I don’t mean any insult intended, but I know he was the perfect 10 guy then and that was great, but he’s Shawn Spears now and he knows how to work and he’s got a passion for the business…”

Check out the full interview below!

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