Orange Cassidy Is All Elite

Orange Cassidy
Credit: AEW

One of independent wrestling’s latest and greatest sensations, Orange Cassidy, is officially All Elite, as it was announced on today’s episode of Being the Elite that he is the newest roster member for All Elite Wrestling.

On the latest BTE titled “Farewell To Independent Wrestling, five minutes into the show, we’re introduced to a blender nearly halfway filled with orange juice, alongside with sliced oranges and an empty glass cup. We’re then introduced to a someone with his hands in his pockets. Wearing a white shirt with a blue jean jacket and blue jeans.

The man then “freshly squeezes” one of the sliced oranges into the blender, pulls out an AEW notice which turns out to be a contract, and then closes the blender and blends the contract with the orange juice. Then, he pours his blended orange juice and contract into the glass cup and takes a pair of sunglasses and puts it on the glass cup. The man then puts the thumbs up and out pops the AEW logo.

In today’s world of wrestling, blending a contract seems to be the equivalent to signing one as Orange Cassidy was officially announced to be the newest member of the AEW roster. The coolest and most chill dude in all of wrestling joins the company as the newest signee. The current Champion in his second reign, Orange Cassidy has made his name very well known in the independent scene. For those who may not know much of Orange Cassidy, he began his pro wrestling career back in 2004 under the alias, JC Ryder. He began wrestling with Ground Breaking Wrestling. Cassidy has wrestled 262 times in his career. The majority of his matches were with CHIKARA where he wrestled from 2005-2016 with the promotion.

Back in 2012, he then changed his name to who we all know today as Orange Cassidy. Cassidy’s matches are like no other in that you never know what to expect from him. Cassidy is so cool that his offense comes with it as well. Slowmotion offensive maneuvers are what you think of when he wrestles. One of Orange Cassidy’s signatures is his hands in pockets and wrestling a match that way.

Orange Cassidy first appeared with AEW as part of the 21 Man Casino Battle Royale for Double Or Nothing. What will Orange Cassidy bring to the table come AEW All Out or when the promotion begins airing their shows on TNT?

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