TripleMania: Omega, Tessa, LA Park, Cain Velasquez & More!

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AAA Lucha Libre‘s biggest show of the year, TripleMania, held it’s 27th edition on Saturday, and it did not disappoint. Kenny Omega made his AAA and Mexico debut in tag action alongside the Young Bucks in a Fyter Fest rematch against The Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid, and Dr. Wagner Jr. had his head shaved after losing a brutal hair vs mask match to Blue Demon Jr. But there was lots more action than just the main events – here’s a look at some of TripleMania’s other big moments.

Cain Velasquez Debuts At AAA TripleMania

During Saturday’s AAA TripleMania, another huge name from the MMA World would make his debut at the big show. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez. A man who won his first UFC Heavyweight title beating “The Beast”, Brock Lesnar by knockout at UFC 121 back on October 23, 2010, and who still fights to this very day, made the transition into professional wrestling, more specifically, Lucha Libre.

Cain would compete in a trios special attraction match when he teamed up with one of All Elite Wrestlings EVP’s, Cody Rhodes, and AAA Lucha Libre’s ace, and rock star, based on his presentation tonight, Psycho Clown. Cain would appear with a mask resembling that of bull and would be announced as “El Toro” Cain Velasquez.

Cain started out with a bang delivering some patented lucha maneuvers such as a hurricanrana. Cain looked really good in his first outing while showing a diverse move set consisting of lucha and american style wrestling while bringing his MMA background to his arsenal. Cain would see himself in a good part of the match against Killer Kross and delivering some pain to the Devil of Monterrey.

Cain would eventually finish the match with his first win for the team when he was able to submit Texano with an arm key lock. Cain mentioned during his media appearances that tonight’s show would not be the only appearance. At the conclusion of the match, Killer Kross yelled at Cain that it was not over. A future match between the two would be something to see and would mark Cain Velasquez’ first one on one match in AAA Lucha Libre.

Could we wind up seeing Cain Velasquez at the Madison Square Garden event against Killer Kross? Or could we wind up seeing the two go one on one in Los Angeles? Or maybe back at a later show in Mexico? Whatever plans are in store for Cain Velasquez, his debut match went well and he was able to show the world that he can definitely lucha.

L.A. Park Returns To AAA Lucha Libre and Destroys Pagano!

TripleMania also witnessed the return of one of the companies original characters from the inception of the promotion. LA Park, accompanied by his sons El Hijo Del LA Park and LA Park Jr. came out of the darkness at the conclusion of the Copa TripleMania match we saw Pagano win the match.

While in all his glory and celebrating with the crowd, the lights shut down, the AAA tron with the static pictures come up as if madness were to ensue. Sure enough, Los Parks appeared from the darkness. Facing a confused Pagano, Los Parks attack Pagano to a bloody pulp when LA Park does the unthinkable and takes the TripleMania Cup and DESTROYS the cup on the ring pole leaving the point of the cup for one cause.

LA Park has his two sons grab Pagano and hold him down, LA Park grabs the mic and delivers a violent message to Pagano and ultimately challenging him to Hair vs. Mask Lucha Extrema Match. It was there when he would spike Pagano with the point of the TripleMania Cup.

LA Park turned his attention towards the president of AAA Lucha Libre, Marisela Pena. L.A. Park would tell Marisela Pena that her biggest headache has returned to AAA Lucha Libre. What’s interesting about this whole situation is that LA Park recently on the CMLL special tribute show for the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger just a couple of weeks back at Arena Mexico.

La Familia Real would go up against Los Ingobernables which would have immediately continued the blood feud between RUSH and LA Park himself. During that match, the two Lucha superstars kept pandering to the crowd for a Hair vs. Mask match. The two have been trying to have this match happen for quite some time. With the challenge laid out to Pagano tonight at Triplemania, it will be interesting what winds up happening with LA Park in CMLL and how AAA will respond to Saturday’s events.

#AndNEW: Lady Maravilla And Villano III Win The Mixed Tag Team Titles

It would seem love and confusion played a factor into the result of the opening match as Lady Maravilla and Villano III became the new Mixed Tag Team Champions in a 4 way mixed tag match consisting of Sammy Guevara & Scarlett Bourdeaux versus Nino Hamburguesa and Big Mami versus Australian Suicide and Vanilla versus the new champs Lady Maravilla and Villano III.

What was an insane opener with plenty of action, the result of the match ended when Lady Maravilla faked a knee injury and Nino Hamburguesa came to her aid to see if he could help the “injured” Lady Maravilla it was then when Nino Hamburguesa had his back turned to her when she showed her true colors and low-blowed Nino Hamburguesa and rolled him up for the one, two, and three.

Throughout all the months leading to the big show, Nino Hamburguesa has had a thing for Lady Maravilla as with every match she continued to entice him with her seductive ways. Nino Hamburguesa fell for her ways but would some times see the error of his ways once Big Mami would slap some sense into him. Tonight would prove however that he did not learn his lesson and sacrificed the Mixed Tag Team Titles because of it.

At the end of the match, Big Mami noticed Nino Hamburguesa suffering from the pain inflicted on him from Lady Maravilla and got on the mic to challenge Lady Maravilla to a future match. Mami stated that while they may have lost the titles, Lady Maravilla made things personal for hurting Nino Hamburguesa. Mami stated that she wants a rematch between her team and the new Mixed Tag Team Champions. While Lady Maravilla did not accept at the time, it is expected that we’ll see a rematch soon enough.

#AndNEW: Tessa Blanchard Wins the AAA Reina De Reinas Title

The women of AAA Lucha Libre have had a streak of delivering some show stealers of the recent months, and TripleMania was yet another moment, and this time, it was for Tessa Blanchard. 24 hours previous to AAA TripleMania, Tessa Blanchard was in a number one contenders match for the IMPACT Wrestling Heavyweight Championship against “The Draw” Sami Callihan. While Tessa came up short due to the usual OVE shenanigans, Tessa did not go out without a fight.

On Saturday, the Reina De Reinas title was up for grabs as Keyra was to defend her title against Faby Apache, Tessa Blanchard, Taya Valkyrie, Chik Tormenta, and Lady Shani. However, there was a slight change when Keyra appeared on a wheelchair and it was announced that she would have to forfeit the title.

After announcing that a new Reina De Reinas champ would be crowned, Chik Tormenta made her way up the ramp and had a few words for Keyra. Tormenta would then knock Keyra off her wheelchair and brutally attack the already injured luchadora. The match would begin and all hell would break loose from there, but not before a replacement was named for Keyra, a returning Ayako Hamada

Chik Tormenta would be taken out of the match eventually when she was knocked down towards a ladder but missed completely and hitting the ring floor. La Hiedra was taken out due to a DDT on top of thumbtacks given by Lady Shani. Taya would wind up bloodied at some point of the match. Total madness would dominate this entire match.

At the conclusion of the match, however, one woman would climb the ladder and capture the title and that would be Tessa Blanchard, winning the Reina De Reinas title for the first time in her career. This did not please a couple of the women, that being Faby Apache and Taya. Faby was so furious about Tessa winning she would spit in her face and then exit the ring, Taya would have some words with Tessa thereafter.

Tessa Blanchard has been making history as of late with her recent intergender matches and breaking all barriers for the women of professional wrestling. Her athleticism and uncanny aggressive style have made her a formidable opponent against ANYONE, including the male performers. Coming into tonights Triplemania, Tessa came in with her undeniable attitude and captured the gold. She truly is the diamond in the rough and arguably the best women’s wrestler in the world today.

Kenny Omega Challenges Fenix for the AAA MegaChampionship

Following their 6-man tag team match, Kenny Omega laid down the challenge to Lucha Brothers’ Fenix, who is also the reigning AAA MegaChampion.



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