nZo (fka Enzo Amore) Announces In-Ring Return to Wrestling

Photo: WWE

The former Enzo Amore, who now goes by nZo, has officially announced his return to wrestling on the Store Horsemen Podcast earlier today. He then went to Twitter to announce that his first match back would be on August 16 at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY at Northeast Wrestling’s Prison Break event. The announcement comes months after he and Big Cass (now CaZXL) made up and came back together to reform their popular tag team, now going by FreeAgentZ. The two shocked the world when they appeared at the Ring of Honor-New Japan G1 Supercard at Madison Square Gardens this past April.

No matter how you feel about nZo, it is always good to see someone comeback to wrestling. He originally retired in April of 2018 and even went on to say there would be zero chance he’d return to the wrestling ring for any amount of money. The former 2x WWE Cruiserweight Champion instead went on to pursue a career in music, trying to establish himself as a rapper.

So, what changed to lead to this announcement today? Hard to say because of nZo’s unpredictability but his reformation with his pal CaZXL may have done the trick. Most probably remember their differences and calling each other out in interviews and such, but at heart, they knew the best way to make it in the business they are best known for is by being together.

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nZo and CaZXL, when they were simply Enzo and Cass, were quite possibly the most popular tag team in the history of NXT. From their days of “bada boom, realest guys in the room. How you doin?” with the entire crowd rehearsing it back to them, to being paired with Carmella and forming an entertaining trio, and finally their epic call-up where they showed their chops by taking shots at The Dudley Boyz, these two were money together.

They were split up too early in many other minds, which would only lead to downhill spirals for both. CaZXL has been very open about his past and is ready to make his mark, it sure looks like he will have his partner beside him. These two now have a shot at redemption together. CaZXL is slated for three matches (all with nZo) at his side that weekend, plus nZo has revealed he is slated for his first return match since January 21, 2018, when he had his final WWE match (ironically enough, it was also at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY). He hasn’t found out his opponent yet, but states they will be under 205 lbs. and he’ll be defending his Cruiserweight Championship, as he “never lost the f**king title”.

Photo: NEW

In wrestling, it really is a “never say never” world. FreeAgentZ is ready to attack wrestling head first and it seems both men are rejuvenated to create a new path in their pro wrestling careers. You can watch nZo’s full interview below:

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