Chris Sabin At WWE Performance Center


As one half of the Motor City Machine Guns officially returns to wrestling (Alex Shelley returned from hiatus to Ring of Honor), the other seems plenty busy during recovery. Chris Sabin tweeted out a picture on Monday evening that showed that it seems he may be at the WWE Performance Center today.

The tweet came just hours after he’d mentioned arriving back in Orlando, where he used to work for TNA/IMPACT Wrestling.

In January of this year, Chris Sabin went down with a torn ACL during the Ring of Honor television tapings on January 12th. It was reported that he would miss around 8-12 months to fully recover, which could very well mean that Sabin is at the PC to more than likely be a guest trainer. As a free agent and one who has certainly traveled the world with great success, Sabin would be an excellent choice to train down in Florida for the week while healing.

Fans could very well be freaking out at the fact that Sabin is visiting the Performance Center because that could mean an assortment of things, but being injured more than likely benefits the idea of him being a guest while trying to get back to in-ring shape at the same time.

Photo: ROH

Sabin has shown his ability to perform at a high level, whether it is in a tag team or a singles competitor. The Motor City Machine Guns are one of the best and most loved teams of the past decade as he and Alex Shelley continuously put on dazzling matches together. Even with Alex Shelley returning to wrestling, many fans instantly looked to the two joining forces once again when Sabin is cleared from his injury.

“Super” Chris Sabin is an 8x TNA X-Division Champion along with holding the TNA World Heavyweight Championship during his time in TNA. Most of his work recently has been apart of ROH, which only leads fans on to see Sabin post anything associated with the WWE seeing he has not once spent time there.

While he very well is more than likely guest training, it is always fun to see someone like Sabin tease something like this. Sabin plus the WWE Performance Center, not something anyone expected to see today but something certainly cool to see. Here is to hoping his probable guest trainer appearance can lead to a job down the line for Sabin when he hangs them up or for a token run under the WWE brand for the first time in his career. The NXT and Performance Center signed wrestlers are lucky to have him. Chris Sabin has earned this and if he is guest training, there isn’t much of a better choice to bring into the PC for the week.

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