Preview: Beyond Wrestling – Americanrana ’19 (7/28/19)

Americanrana '19
Photo: Beyond

Seventeen weeks of Uncharted Territory have all lead right up to this, Americanrana ‘19. Beyond’s biggest show of the year is looking to sellout Foxwood with over 1,000 fans in attendance and even more watching at home on The card is stacked with everything you could want and looks to be one of the biggest independent shows of the year. There is a 60 Minute Iron Man match between two long-time rivals in what could possibly be their final meeting, a steel cage match, a rare appearance United States appearance from a Japanese legend, a multi-person ladder match, a battle to call themselves tag team Aces, a tag team breaking up and much much more. 

60 Minutes Iron Man Match  David Starr vs Joey Janela 

Americanrana '19
Photo: Beyond

The feud between David Starr and Joey Janela dates back almost three years and has had many twists and turns. On the last Uncharted Territory before Americanrana ‘19 Joey Janela went over his past history with David Starr. It started pretty simply after on April 24th, 2016 Death By Elbow had just won a match Janela came to the ring to challenge them David Starr crept up behind him and attacked Janela they brawled into the crowd. Over the next few months, Janela would continue to attack David Starr with the help of Penelope Ford. One time even clad in a hospital gown Janela screaming he had come straight from the hospital. The two would meet in matches each time getting more and more physical never having a true decisive winner.  In one match the two would both be counted out leading them to continue the fight outside, Janela screaming as he choked out David Starr on the sidewalk. People walking down the street were running away, fans were screaming at the two to stop wrestling. finally, Janela did the unthinkable, he pulled a person out of their car punched him and hopped into the driver seat he would then try to run over a panting David Starr who was laying in the middle of the street. David Starr would get up and run after Janela but Joey sped off. A week later Joey Janela would be thrown off the roof by Zandig canceling their planned Americarana ‘16 match up. 

Janela would return a few months later by attacking David Starr and announcing his return. The two would then meet in a no-holds-barred match attacking each other with as Joey put it in his promo “salt, skewers and everything you could think of.” Everyone thought that would be the blow-off match between the two but the first match of 2017 the two would meet again in a Fans-Bring-The-Weapons match. David Starr was calling himself the Ace of Beyond wrestling a term that no one takes lightly in Beyond. The two would battle it out on New Year’s Eve to decide who the Ace truly was. The two would chug champagne and attack each other in a ring filled with homemade weapons; kendo sticks, guitars, a keg, a confetti cannon, a dildo and a menorah wrapped in barbwire all filled the ring. The two would battle for almost a half-hour putting each other through hell until finally, Joey Janela had a chair wrapped around David Starrs head in a crossface and David Starr tapped. With blood pouring down his face Janela called himself the Ace of Beyond and the King of the Independents and told David Starr to get the fuck out of his ring. David Starr would spit on him and leave the ring. 

The two would go on to attack each other in matches as the year went on leading to last years Americanrana ‘18 where the two met in a no ropes barbwire match. The match had everything cinderblocks, so much barbwire, every weapon you could imagine. It ended with David Starr pile driving Joey Janela onto cinderblocks with his hands shaking from blood lose Starr pinned Janela and cut a promo calling himself the Ace of Beyond. It was a perfect blowoff match.

David Starr would move to London and become a regular in the thriving England scene while Janela joined AEW competing in the first All In. The two had seemed to go their separate ways until Uncharted Territory. The Wednesday of WrestleMania week Beyond kicked off its weekly streaming show Uncharted Territory main event by David Starr taking on Masato Tanaka, David Starr was trying to cheat to win a returning Joey Janela helped out the former ECW champion get a win over David Starr. Joey would then use Uncharted Territory to call out David Starr for one last match as Janela announced he would be leaving Beyond and the Independents for AEW in October. Starr refused Janela he was already the Ace he had already beaten Janela there was no reason. Finally, Starr caved and said if Janela wanted a match would close out Americarana again in a 60 minute Iron Man match. Janela would use the last Uncharted Territory to call out Starr one last time saying the match would be a no-hold-barred Iron Man match. Joey Janela had one last request after talking about all the wars he and David Starr had gone through, that Starr shakes his hand before the match. David Starr came to the ring and refused to, saying the only way Starr would shake Janela’s hand was if Joey was able to beat him. The two will main event Beyond’s biggest show of the year for the second time in a row it what could be an end to their storied rivalry. 

Chris Dickinson vs Daisuke Sekimoto 

Photo: Beyond

This match dates all the way back to May at Beyond’s Lethal Lottery where the winner would be able to choose their opponent at Americanrana ‘19. Chris Dickinson won both his tag match and the battle royal. When he was asked who he would choose to face he cut a promo saying “The last couple of months I feel like I have been on the best run of my career.” Dickinson went on to thank the fans of Beyond wrestling. Dickinson then looked directly into the camera with the giant trophy he had just won in hand.

 “I want one match. And I know you will see this. I want you to look at me in my eyes you know who I am, we’ve trained together. They call me your friend. I want you to look at me in my eyes and if you need somebody to tell you what I am saying, you find it. Right now, I want you to understand that you are coming to my company the biggest show of the year. It is going to be the biggest Americanrana of all time. I want Daisuke Sekimoto.” Commentator Paul Crocket couldn’t believe it. The fans couldn’t believe it they chanted “holy shit! Holy shit!” Chris  Dickinson goes on the challenge anyone the Cages, the Elgins he doesn’t care who they are if they get between those ropes he’ll beat them. He promises to send Sekimoto “back to Toyko in a fucking body bag.” 

Since challenging Daisuke Sekimoto Chris Dickinson has challenged himself by taking on some of the biggest and baddest talents from all across the country on Uncharted Territory. Including the likes of Tom Lawler, Sonny Kiss, Erick Stevens, Josh Briggs, Eddie Kingston, Fred Yehi, Josh Alexander and Matthew Justice. Each match as spectacular as the one that came before it. So Dickinson has been battle-tested for his hand-chosen toughest opponent to date, Daisuke Sekimoto. 

Daisuke Sekimoto has been wrestling in Japan since 1999. He has wrestled in Big Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Zero-Ond, EVOLVE, wXw and All Japan Pro Wrestling. He currently wrestles in Big Japan Pro Wrestling. He has won titles all over Japan and is renowned as one of the toughest wrestlers in Japan. Taking part in some gnarly deathmatches and some long 40 minutes plus matches. Sekimoto has won titles in almost every Japan promotions including DDT, Big Japan, All Japan, Pro Wrestling NOAH, along with plenty of other promotions around the world like wXw. Daisuke has held up an impressive resume. Daisuke coming to America is a pretty big deal and he will be tour the east coast visiting with GCW, AIW and ICW before he shows up at Beyond. 

These are two of the biggest and toughest wrestlers in the world and neither is going to give an inch. Dickinson has torn through most of the United States indies on his road to Daisuke Sekimoto. Expect an extremely hard-hitting match between these two. 

Josh Briggs vs Johnny Foxwood (Hennigan) 

Americanrana '19
Photo: Beyond

Since leaving WWE Johnny Hennigan has shown up on almost every single promotion there is. He has been a star on Impact, Lucha Underground, AAA and countless other indies. One of the few promotions he has never shown up in is Beyond Wrestling. Johnny Foxwood will be making his debut at Americanrana ‘19 against one of Beyond’s homemade talents, Josh Briggs. Josh Briggs was a regular on Uncharted Territory when he wasn’t on a commentary Briggs was facing off against Nick Gage, Chris Dickinson, Kris Stratlander, and his own best friend Anthony Greene. The run Briggs has gone on as of late he certainly is getting in the territory of calling himself the Ace of Beyond. A big win against the traveler Johnny Foxwoods could be exactly what he needs to solidify his name as one of Beyond’s greatest.  

Cage Match: Kris Stratlander vs Kimber Lee 

Photo: Beyond

The feud between these two dates back to the very first episode of Uncharted Territory when Kris Stratlander coming off winning Beyond’s Treasure Hunt was attacked by Kimber Lee. Kimber Lee seemed jealous that Stratlander was getting so much attention from the Beyond crowd as Kimber Lee wasn’t even invited to the Treasure Hunt. The two were supposed to team later but Kimber Lee called it off. Instead a few weeks later they had their first match at Beyond’s Lethal Lottery where Stratlander picked up the win. Kris Stratlander would then go on to cash in her Independent Wrestling Championship title shot she won at Treasure Hunt at Independent Wrestlings Midwest Mixtape beating Orange Cassidy and becoming the new champion. 

At Beyond’s Boston Secret Show where Stratlander was supposed to face only Kimber Lee in a no disqualifications match, the title wasn’t supposed to be on the line. When out of nowhere Orange Cassidy’s song began playing, the match was then changed to triple threat match for the Independent Wrestling Championship. This would be Kris Stratlander’s very first title defense. The match started with Kimber Lee and Kris hitting each other hard while Orange Cassidy not surprisingly stood in the back. Stratlander all but had the match won she hit Orange with her version of the tombstone piledriver and was going for the three count but Kimber Lee didn’t want it to happen. Lee picked up the title belt and hit Stratlander over the head with it. Kimber Lee had both opponents out cold and had her choice of who to pin but instead placed Orange Cassidy over Kris Stratlander making him the 4th and only two time Independent Wrestling Champion. 

Kimber Lee wouldn’t be seen in Beyond again but Kris Stratlander would take on some of the biggest stars in Beyond. Wrestling Joey Janela in an absolute classic along with Josh Briggs, the Top Dogs, and Solo Darling. Kris Stratlander would then call out Kimber Lee and ask for the stipulation to be a match where Kimber Lee couldn’t escape a cage match. These two will look to settle the score as the first woman in Beyond takes on the future of Beyond. 

Rock and Roll Express vs The Butcher and The Blade (Andy Williams & Pepper Parks)

Americanrana '19
Photo: Beyond

Rock and Roll Express are certainly the wrestlers with the most experience on Uncharted Territory. The  WWE and Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame tag teams have been wrestling since 1985. The tag team has tagged in WWE, Jim Crockett Promotions, NWA, WCW, TNA, and Smokey Mountain Wrestling and will be making their Beyond debut at the biggest show of the year. They will be facing off against The Butcher and The Blade in one of the most Rock N’ Roll matches of the year. The Butcher in the Blade is metal band Every Time I Die’s Andy Williams and veteran wrestling Pepper Parks. They have made a name of themselves during Uncharted Territory taking on teams like Slither, Beaver Boys, and American Strong.  This may seem like a strange match up but these are four wrestlers who are going to put on a show. 

Independent Championship: Orange Cassidy (C) vs R.D. Evans 

Photo: Beyond

Orange Cassidy has been a breakout star of 2019 and Beyond has been one of the places where he was able to make that name for himself. The two-time Independent Wrestling Champion has been on a run having fantastic matches against everyone from Kylie Rae to Hallowicked for his title. You may know R.D. Evans from Chikara where he was Archibald Peak or Mixed Martial Archie or you may know him as the WWE writer who quit via his notes app along with his grocery list. R.D. Evans makes his return to independent wrestling for the first time in almost 5 years with a huge stipulation he loses it will be his final match in wrestling. Both of these two wrestlers are known to put on an absolute show-stopping performance but will Orange Cassidy be able to retain his title and defeat his friend or will R.D. Evans be the new Independent Wrestling Champion. 

Tom Lawler and Bryan Alvarez vs Thomas Santell and Nick Gage 

Americanrana '19
Photo: Beyond

Thomas Santell used the Discovery Gauntlet to revitalize his career. The Ovaltine loving wrestler became a fan favorite almost overnight in Beyond. After a feud with Richard Holliday that lead to him team with Nick Gage the two have formed Nerder, Death, Kill Gang and will be taking on Thomas’s coworkers in Wrestling Observers Bryan Alvarez and Tom Lawler the Chop N Roll Express. Chop N Roll has plenty of experience tagging together so it will be interesting to see how they face off against this relatively new but undefeated tag team. 

LAX vs Bear Country 

Photo: Beyond

Bear Country certainly went out of their way to make a name for themselves during Uncharted Territory. The team went from being fairly unknown to being able to call themselves the Ace’s of Beyond. They took on everyone Beyond’s tag team Ace’s Beaver Boys, Sadkampf, the Stunt Brothers, KTB and Jimmy Llyod, To Infinity and Beyond and Team Tremendous. A colossal run that has made every Uncharted Territory they have been on better. But to be the Ace you got to beat the Ace and LAX certainly has plenty of room to call themselves the Ace’s of Beyond. The former Impact Tag Team Champions have been wrestling for Beyond since 2016 and have been a highlight of Uncharted Territory taking on Best Friends, SCU, and Youthanazia. There is a chance for this to be a passing of the guard 

Feast Championship Ladder match

Americanrana '19
Photo: Beyond

Feast Wrestling is a promotion that has been partnered with Beyond for a while now. Their title is currently held by Ring of Honor wrestling and Jushin Thunder Liger favorite  Cheeseburger. The title also looks like a sandwich or a hamburger which is pretty cool At Americanrana ‘19 Cheeseburger will put that title on the line against a plethora of challengers including Anthony Greene, Solo Darling, Ken Doane, Puf, Swoggle, Marko Stunt and Beyond original Johnny Cockstrong. Expect some more surprise names to fill out this match in what should certainly be a spectacle and a way to fit more people into an already stacked card. 

John Silver vs Alex Reynolds 

The Beaver Boys were the Aces of Beyond’s stacked tag team division. The veteran tag team had won this year’s Tournament For Tomorrow and started off Uncharted Territory with an impressive run they beat Assiue Open on the first episode, The Butcher and The Blade on episode 4 and SLITHER the next week. The team was on fire but when John Silver was interviewed about entering the Lethal Lottery he said he wouldn’t want a tag match at Americanrana ‘19 instead he wanted a singles match. Silver would not go on to win the Lethal Lottery but he would pursue a singles career. Silver beat Brandon Thurston and would lose to Tom Lawler in a fantastic match. The team looked all but over once they lost to Bear Country who had solidified themselves as the new tag team Ace’s. The two would go on to attack each other after matches things started to heat up. Everything finally came to ahead at the go-home show of Uncharted Territory where Alex Reynolds had just been pinned by Leyla Hirsch who had faced John Silver the week before. John Silver ran into the ring and attacked Reynolds challenging him to a match at Americanrana ‘19. This is a long shot away from where they were a year ago at Americanrana ‘18 when they beat three other tag teams and called themselves the Ace’s of Beyond instead they will open Americanrana facing each other. 

Wheeler YUTA vs Chuck O’Neil 

Photo: Beyond

Chuck O’Neil came into Uncharted Territory with a chip on his shoulder. He wanted back the old days of Beyond where there was real wrestling. He was sick of tag teams, sick of luchas and wrestlers in masks. O’Neil would attack people after matches going for his armbar submission and give longwinded speeches about what he thought was real wrestling. Chuck finally picked the wrong person thought when he decided to attack Wheeler YUTA who had just come back from his excursion in wXw, the only problem was YUTA knew how to defend against O’Neil’s armbar, O’Neil was never able to get it on. Chuck never eased his attacked though going so far to attack a referee who got in his way, getting himself suspended from Beyond. On the go-home show of Uncharted Territory Wheeler YUTA had just had an amazing match against David Starr he was wind out of nowhere the suspended Chuck O’Neil attacked Wheeler YUTA again. Giving YUTA a chair and kneeing it into YUTA’s face. O’Neil continued his attack bashing YUTA’s face into the chair over and over again rubbing YUTA’s blood on his white shirt. Bear Country came out and O’Neil fled. Dazed and covered in blood YUTA tried to stand up, he screamed at Chuck O’Neil demanding O’Neil suspension be lifted and the two have a match at Americanrana ‘19. The match was made moments later and these two will officially meet Sunday, July 28th.

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