Preview: Beyond – Uncharted Territory Episode 17 (7/24/19)

Beyond Wrestling
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This week will be the go-home show to Americanrana ‘19. What everything will be leading up to since Uncharted Territory started 17 long weeks ago. While being the only weekly show in all of independent wrestling Beyond is looking at a 1000+ sell out at Foxwoods Casino. This week’s Uncharted Territory will be shaping up the final spots of the card for the biggest independent wrestling show of the year. Be sure to tune in on using promo code #unchartedterritory to watch Uncharted Territory Episode 17

Wheeler Yuta vs David Starr

Uncharted Territory Episode 17
Photo: Beyond

Wheeler Yuta has yet to lose a match during his run in Uncharted Territory. David Starr hasn’t lost a match since week one where he lost to Masato Tanaka. Wheeler Yuta has yet to have a match announced for Americanrana ‘19 but his feud with Chuck O’Neil hit a boiling point last week. David Starr will be looking to 

Joey Janela Uncensored 

Photo: Beyond

Joey Janela has played a number of different roles over the course of Uncharted Territory. One night he hosted as Ring Announcer, other nights he had some of Uncharted Territories best matches like the Kris Stratlander match, he teamed with Chris Dickinson as Sliter and some nights he just had a live mic. Tonight he will just have a live mic again and as his time with the company, he once called himself the Ace of comes to an end I expect he will have some choice words for his opponent at Americanrana ‘19 David Starr. Starr will also be appearing on the card so expect some action between the two. 

LAX and Bear Country will be in action 

Uncharted Territory Episode 17
Photo: Beyond

Both these two tag teams have had great runs in Uncharted Territory and will look to continue those great runs this week when they both face off against two different tag teams. They will be facing off for the right to call themselves the tag team Ace’s of Beyond at Americanrana ‘19 so winning their respective matches will be huge for both of them. 

Chris Dickinson vs Timothy Thatcher 

Photo: Beyond

Since Chris Dickinson won the  Lethal Lottery and announced Daisuke Sekimoto as his opponent he has torn through the best of the best of the North American indies in some of the best matches of the year. This week he will take on one of his toughest opponents yet making their debut on Uncharted Territory Timothy Thatcher. Another total badass Thatcher was the longest-running Evolve Champion. He has also wrestled in Progress and WxW the former he is a trainer at. With Americanrana right around the corner, Dickinson will be looking at his toughest challenge yet before his match at Americanrana ‘19. 

Alex Reynolds vs Leyla Hirsch 

Uncharted Territory Episode 17
Photo: Beyond

Last week Leyla Hirsch took on John Silver last week in a fantastic match. This week she will take on his former tag team partner in Alex Reynolds. Leyla has had an impressive few weeks tagging with Kris Stratlander in a win over Top Dogs and having fantastic matches against Solo Darling, Christan Casanova, and John Silver. Alex Reynolds was having a good run as the Beaver Boys back in the first few weeks of Uncharted Territory picking up wins over Sliter and The Butcher and The Blade but once the team broke up they had a hard time getting wins. They lost to Bear Country and then went on a singles run where Reynold’s has yet to pick up a win. He will now try to take on the same wrestler that gave his tag team partner through a great match. 

Nick Gage and Thomas Santell vs Cam Zagami and Christan Casanova 

Photo: Beyond

Nerder, Death, Kill GANG is on a winning streak before they go on to face Tom Lawler and Bryan Alveraz. They were able to get wins over Ken Doane and Richard Holliday and Milk Chocolate. This week they will take off the team that stopped Thomas Santell 7 match win streak in the Discovery Gauntlet. Cam Zagami and Christan Casanova have been causing havoc on Uncharted Territory since they started teaming up. Zagami seemingly got sick of being the interviewer of Uncharted Territory and put on some leather pants and started beating dudes up. These two teams do not like each other and with Americanrana only a few days away everyone will be looking to gain momentum. 

Discovery Gauntlet 

Last week Daniel Garcia made a star-making debut match against Christan Casanova. Red Death was able to beat Casanova with a sharpshooter in less than five minutes. Daniel Garcia was beaming with intensity as he dropkicked Cam out of the ring and didn’t fall for either of the twos dirty tricks. With only two weeks left of the Discovery Gauntlet, it seems almost impossible that anyone will be able to beat Garcia.  

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