La Familia Real vs. Los Ingobernables At CMLL Liger Farewell Show

Photo: CMLL

If you were thinking that the latest developments in CMLL were slacking a bit and wanted to see something potentially major happen in the promotion, well, hold tight and brace yourself because the best is yet to come. On today’s CMLL Informa program, which is the promotion’s weekly news talk show which airs every Wednesday around 4pm EST, the promotion announced that LA Park will be returning to the July 19th show which is a farewell show featuring the final CMLL appearance of the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger. Park won’t be coming alone, however, as he will be joined by his sons, El Hijo de LA Park, and LA Park Jr., to take on Bestia del Ring, Mistico and his longtime rival, RUSH, which will no doubt continue the bitter feud between these two men.

The last time we saw L.A. Park was back in March when he and Hijo De LA Park made a couple of appearances in Puebla, essentially to assist in setting up a match between Volador Jr. and Gran Guerrero of Los Guerreros. This will also mark the first time we see LA Park Jr. in CMLL and will also mark the first time in many months we see LA Park in Arena Mexico since CMLL’s annual special event of Dias De Muertos, which took place in November of 2018. Dias De Muertos is a show that celebrates El Dia De Los Muertos, a tradition that is celebrated within the culture of Mexico, where the Luchadors are costumed to look like the dead and matches are a tribute to the holiday.

Something else to really keep in mind is that, while CMLL is heading towards their biggest show of the year 86 Aniversario event, and lack of a big match to build off on, could this show be the beginning of the build to a long time rumored hair versus mask match between LA Park versus RUSH? Last year, LA Park and RUSH destroyed each other at every chance they could get with each men challenging one another with the hope of settling their differences in a Hair versus mask match. While the match never happened in CMLL, MLW attempted to go down that route as well with the historic match. That is until rumored politics would come into play and RUSH not only couldn’t have the match but ended up having to leave MLW due to the alliance CMLL has with NJPW and ROH. It’s fair to say that no one suffers more from this than the fans.

LA Park’s CMLL return will take place on the July 19th edition of the Viernes Espectacular De Arena Mexico, and will also feature Jushin Thunder Liger wrestling his final CMLL match, where the legend will wrestle Negro Casas, Caristico and Ultimo Guerrero in a four corners match.



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