CMLL: Dragon Lee Challenges Barbaro Cavernario To A Singles Match!

Dragon Lee
Photo: CMLL

At tonights CMLL Lucha Libre from Arena Mexico, in the main event, a six-man match took place between the Tecnicos team of Dragon Lee, Caristico and Angel De Oro versus the Rudos team of Negro Casas, Barbaro Cavernario and Mr. Niebla. A quick two out of three falls match that ended with the tecnicos winning the match. But the story of the match was yet to come.

Throughout the match, Cavernario and Lee became overly aggressive with one another to the point that they took it out of the ring and into the stands. It was during the end of the match however when Cavernario showed his true intentions towards Dragon Lee when during an exchange between the two, Barbaro snatched off Lee’s mask, leaving Lee defenseless with only having to cover his face. Cavernario proceeded to kick Lee in the nether regions to then get disqualified and losing the match for the Rudos team.

As Cavernario walked away, Lee grabbed a microphone and let Cavernario know the ending of the match wasn’t the way he wanted it to end and that the two go one-on-one next week (date TBD). Cavernario came back towards the ring and after taunting the fans and calling himself the king of the one-on-one matches, clearly after being awarded a Lucha Central fan award for having the match of the year for 2018 versus Fenix, took the challenge from Lee and for a third time, took off Lees mask and began to pummel Lee towards the stage after Lee tried chasing Cavernario.

While there isn’t much backstory between the two competitors, it’s worth noting that tonight’s events and Cavernarios behavior and actions were more than enough of a story to warrant what should be a dream match between the two Lucha superstars. Stay tuned to CMLL’s social media accounts for the latest on when the two luchadors will go one-on-one

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