#AndNEW: Kawato San Wins CMLL Super Lightweight Championship

Photo: CMLL

On his excursion in Mexico, Hirai Kawato of New Japan Pro Wrestling, currently known as Kawato San in CMLL, became the 16th CMLL Super Lightweight Champion after defeating El Audaz in a career-defining win for the 22-year-old Young Lion. The title itself had been vacated by Dragon Lee recently, although Lee remains the CMLL World Welterweight Champion. Kawato did not have it easy, however, as he had to literally go through eight other luchadors to get the title. On the June 23 show from Arena Mexico, a 10 Lucha elimination which consisted of Sonic, Halon Suriano Jr., Electrico, Principe Diamante, Star Jr., Super Astro Jr., El Audaz, Kawato San, Hijo Del Villano III, and Flyer.

Photo: CMLL

It is worth noting that before the match, the show had to be put on hold as Arena Mexico officials had to conduct an Earthquake Drill, due to the recent Both men were left as the sole survivors of the elimination match thus having their one-on-one match for the vacant title. In a 2 out of 3 falls match to determine the new winner, Kawato took the first fall, followed by El Audaz taking the second fall. Kawato San ultimately took the third and final fall defeating El Audaz to become champion.

Kawato San, currently on his excursion, was last seen in a New Japan ring on January 22nd, 2018 when he participated in CMLL’s annual event in Japan, Fantastica Mania, where for about a week or so we see the best that Luchadors in the world team with New Japan and compete for several days around Japan. About a week later on February 2nd, 2018, Kawato San competed in his first CMLL match in Mexico at the historic Arena Mexico when he was involved in a trios match teaming with Misterioso and Virus versus the team of Pegasso, Rey Cometa, and wouldn’t you know it, El Audaz.

Exactly 125 matches later from his first encounter with El Audaz it seems Kawato’s quest for superstardom has been achieved as he is now in the history books in the oldest promotion in the world as the company’s Super Lightweight Champion. Kawato follows a lineage of great CMLL Super Lightweight Champions from Rocky Romero, who held the title on two different occasions, Virus who held the title for an unprecedented 1394 days, and most recently, Dragon Lee who held the title for 1197 days.

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