#AndNEW: Rhia O’Reilly Wins EVE Championship


In what was supposed to be the farewell match for both EVE Champion Kay Lee Ray and her opponent and best friend Viper, a bittersweet moment turned to chaos. With both competitors departing EVE after Sunday’s Wrestle Queendom 2 event (they are both now full-time regulars with NXT UK, where Viper competes as Piper Niven), after a grueling match, Viper emerged victorious as the new EVE Champion.

But following the match, EVE booker Rhia O’Reilly – a talented wrestler in her own right and out due to injury since last fall – came into the ring to bid the two EVE mainstays farewell. She began to present a video package paying tribute to both women’s EVE careers, but as she began the video, Nightshade and Livvii Grace crept to the ring. As Viper and Kay Lee Ray realized the two were approaching, Rhia O’Reilly took her moment to strike, attacking Viper and beating her down.

While Nightshade and Grace handled Kay Lee Ray outside the ring, O’Reilly declared she was adding one more match to the event, an EVE Championship match between herself and Viper. Rhia tried to hit Viper with the belt as the ring sounded for the match, but Viper ducked out of the way to fight back. But then Livvii Grace jumped on the apron, distracting the new EVE Champion from the fight. Rhia O’Reilly quickly DDT’d Viper onto the belt for the 1-2-3 to end Viper’s reign in minutes and become the new EVE Champion, her third reign.

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