#AndNew: Dinastia Chavez Win The Copa Dinastia Tournament

Dinastia Chavez
Photo: CMLL.com

At last nights “CMLL Lucha Libre Espectacular De Arena Mexico” as Angel De Oro and Niebla Roja win the Copa Dinastias tournament against Los Ingobernables leader RUSH and La Bestia Del Ring. The 3 falls tag match started off hot with an interrupted announcement for the technicos (faces) as RUSH and Bestia immediately attacked them and took the first fall with RUSH hitting Nibela Roja with his patented basement dropkick finisher he uses in ROH and Bestia hitting Angel De Oro with a second rope Senton bomb.

During the second fall, the Rudos (heels) took the fight to the outside of the ring with beer being used as a weapon to blind their opponents, the barrier being used as a weapon to smash the technicos heads, and more. The Los Ingobernables members dominated the second fall until the two decided to pander to the fans which left an opening for the technicos to go for the comeback and knock the Rudos to the outside of the ring followed by a trio of suicide dives from both Angel and Niebla. Unfortunately for them, Los Ingobernables came back doubly aggressively and came back with their ungovernable ways as RUSH at one point took the production cables to the ring and proceeded to whip Niebla Roja with it. This action led to the Rudos being disqualified with the technicos taking the win for the second fall.

Karma ended up being the story of this match as in the third fall RUSH would get a taste of his own medicine when at the end of the match Angel De Oro after taking a tremendous beating from RUSH, snuck up from behind RUSH and low blew him out of the referees vision and rolled RUSH up for the win leading to the victory of the team. The victory would make Dinastia Chavez the best Dinastia (Dynasty) in the company to date.

In the semifinal match of the night, the show featured Los Guerreros (Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia and Gran Guerrero) vs. The Clan (Gilbert El Boricua, Ciber The Main Man, and The Chris) in a special Rudos versus Rudos match that saw The Clan win, Ultimo Guerrero would wind up challenging the team to a Trios Title match for next Friday’s show in Arena Mexico.

And in a special one-on-one Relampago (Lightning) match, a that has a length of only ten minutes, Titan took on the legendary Negro Casas which saw the Lucha legend win via Lamaji straw cradle on Titan. The match length was 6:40. At 59 years of age, Negro Casas still looks good performing some athletic maneuvers and moving very well for his age. The fountain of youth is certainly on his side.  You can see the full show as well as the Dinastia Chavez victory on CMLL’s official youtube page.

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