The NXT Recap (6/19/19)

NXT Recap
Photo: WWE

Strong opening segment, giving the debut of multiple superstars a purpose, and actual story-line progression…are we sure this is a WWE show (kidding). The yellow and black brand did continue to show why it is the undisputed (see what I did there) best show in all of WWE. This week was filled many highlights, so let’s get to this wee’s NXT Recap.


NXT Recap
Photo: WWE

The Undisputed Era kicked off this weeks show continuing to promise that they will remake this show in their image (including a new intro video). While the video was merely a way to show off the groups arrogance, Cole did essentially declare war on anyone holding NXT gold. Cole continued to reiterate that The Undisputed Era will hold all of the men’s championships NXT has to offer, as they are a symbol of power. He stated no one, not even Triple H, could stop them.

Naturally, this brought out Velveteen Dream, who made it known he intends to challenge for the NXT Championship, and maintain his hold on the North American Championship. While Roderick Strong was trying to make a case for a match, the King of Bros Matt Riddle made his entrance. While Riddle put over several of his qualities but brought up a great point that he has victories over both Strong and Cole. Cole took a very obvious shot at Riddle’s comments about Goldberg and promised his era will never come.

With that “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze made his way to the entrance ramp. He reminded everyone that he was one of the original pillars of NXT, and stated that William Regal approved his match suggestion of Dream, Riddle, and Breeze vs any three members of The Undisputed Era, effectively setting up the main event.


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After weeks of vignettes, Damian Priest made his NXT debut Raul Mendoza. While the match was short and did well to put over the power and hard-hitting style of the former Punishment Martinez, Mendoza shined in the offense he was given. Ultimately it was a chokeslam to the ring apron from Priest that started the beginning of the end for Mendoza. A spin kick followed by a rolling cutter earned Damian Priest the victory in his debut match.


Due to the large number of talent NXT currently has on its roster, William Regal declared they would have a tournament for those who haven’t debuted. If that’s not enough to get you excited, the winner will receive a shot at the title of their choosing. It includes many stars most will be familiar with such as ACH, Shane Strickland, and Trevor Lee just to name a few.


NXT Recap
Photo: WWE

The last time these women were on NXT they were tag team partners, but tonight they looked to advance up the NXT ladder. Conti was largely dominant throughout, using her grappling background to control the action, and taunting her opponent throughout.

It was that arrogance that cost her the match, as Li dodged out of the way of a double knees to the corner attack. A brief flurry and a furious kick snagged Li the victory.


Photo: WWE

The match started very back and forth as neither team gains any true sense of dominance. While Riddle did impress with a series of gutwrench suplexes to Strong, and Dream landed a moonsault (although it appeared he may have landed wrong on Fish). It wasn’t until Breeze made a tag to Riddle, and the babyfaces cleared the ring that the teams really started picking up steam.

Riddle unloaded on Cole with his signature offense, before a distraction from O’Reilly allowed Fish to blindside Cole and firmly hand control the Era. The Undisputed Era did well to stifle Riddle and keep him from his teammates. The cohesion of the unit was ut over well with a series of quick tags and brief onslaughts of offense, that was before Breeze was tagged in.

The OG of NXT as he has been dubbed unloaded on all member of the Era with a series of kicks, and strikes. Breeze had Bobby Fish on the ropes, until Strong pulled him out of the ring. Breeze went to attempt a suicide dive, but a blind tag from Velveteen Dream proved too much of a distraction. Roderick Strong took advantage of the situation hitting Breeze with a knee, and nailing Dream with End of Heartache.

The show ends with The Undisputed Era standing on the entrance ramp, smiling as they possibly begin their true pursuit of all the gold in NXT.

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